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21 ideas to dress your home this Diwali

fresh flowers and candles

Fresh flowers. Nostalgic scents of sweets wafting from the kitchen.

The fragrance from hand-poured scented candles dominating the air.

Eye-catching rangolis at the entrance. Vibrant cushions.

Opulent silverware. Corners decked with lacquered brassware.

Polished copperware reused as vases.

Shimmering candles alongside earthy diyas.

Glittering festive wear. And an overload of memories from…

A Festive Makeover of Your Home This Season

festive makeover ideas


Tired of the old way of decorating home, searching hard but still not feeling elated?

If hassle-free home makeover is your idea to breathe easy during this time, then, find out about a seamless way to decorate the beautiful abode. In other words, discover the…

Last Minute Diwali Shopping Ideas for your Home

Are you loving the lights, colors, and the frenzy all around for Diwali? The street corners are lined with intricate diyas and the malls are glittering in bright colors. The choices as a consumer are endless to dress our homes this season.

In case you were caught up in cleaning and shopping for clothes and didn’t get around to shopping for the home, I have put together…

Day 5: Let’s make the windows squeaky clean!

The favorite feature of my current home: floor-to-ceiling windows and  wall-to-wall glass windows. This  ~ translates to a flood of natural light.

But, that also means tough deep cleaning once in a while. it’s quite a task to keep the shine on large glass windows. They looked the best the day professionals from MyBlueBottle cleaned the windows. Within weeks, dust and grime formed a layer on…

Day 4: Surface clean fans, switchboards, light fixtures, and doors.

Some of the most dustiest places in a home are above our heads – places that are out of normal sight and reach. Ready to look upward? All the surfaces over your heads will get a shine! If you can spare a little over 30 minutes, it will be wonderful.

What you’ll need: collect your supplies

I’m getting a little inventive with this one after having tried…

Day 1: Clean master bedroom closet

Ready for Day 1 of the 30-minute Diwali cleaning challenge?

Today, we start with the master bedroom closet. Closets can be a  pleasure to watch the day they are cleaned and a nightmare on days when they resemble a dump yard. Depending on how many clothes you have, how big your closet is  and when was the last time you cleaned, this activity can either take…

Diwali 2012

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali. The evening is yet to begin. Here are some random pictures of the rangoli I made today.

Diwali cleaning: a housekeeping checklist to a spotless home

Every site, magazine, blog is teeming with incredibly beautiful images of flowers, colorful rooms, and lights. But, there’s a lot to be done backstage to get the house look so beautiful, isn’t it? And not everything is a pleasant or easy job as the person getting your home in order will vouch for.  So, this post is dedicated to all the hard work that goes…

Diwali Styling: Candle and Flower Centerpieces

Home spic and span? Check. Bought diyas? Check.  Shopping? Check. Made sweets? Check.  Rangoli design? Check. Diwali menu? Check.

Somehow this Diwali doesn’t really feel like one for me. Maybe because it falls in the middle of the week, and most offices are off only tomorrow. So, there isn’t much activity in the sweet shops, or on the roads, in general, as compared to every year;…

Are you painting your diyas this Diwali?

Last year, I asked my son to paint a terracotta urn. I let the glazing colors and his imagination flow uninhibited. True to my expectations, it was a riot of colors. We filled the urn as a centerpiece for diyas at the entrance, filled with water and floated some candles and flowers. It was amazing and every time someone commented it was beautiful, he beamed…