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I wasted two days to choose the right cushion covers for my black sofa. Blame this website!

OK, so I wanted to buy two pieces of 16*16 cushion covers online for my black sofa in the living room.

How tough can it be?

I went to Amazon as I usually do and looked for cushion covers in light…

Here’s What You Can Shop At The Home Centre Sale To Make your Home Look a Million Bucks

OK. Before I begin, let me set the record straight. This is not a sponsored post.

I have always been in awe of the gold jeweled products at Home Centre, especially around the festive season. Nothing does as much justice to your home as the golden votives, tea light holders or the blingy placemats. And truth be told, they burn a hole in your pocket if you…

Add To Your Cart: Set Up Your Guest Bed Room In Less Than INR 95,000

queen bed with swivel lamp

If you had INR 95,000 to set up a guest room, what would you add to your cart to make the room functional and aesthetic? Check out my list.

We live in an era where we understand…

Curtains : Readymade or get them stitched?

Hope you had a great weekend. With family visiting us, it was  an extended one for us and I had the opportunity to visit a few home stores as well.  The sale at Home Town is worth checking out for ideas though they are at least 60% over priced.

Some of the readers of this blog have sent in design queries that I’ll be answering this…

Handcrafted Cushions from Shades of India

Sometimes I think the best things in the world are handmade; Shades of India reaffirmed the belief.  It was a pleasure to discover the Noida-based home fashion store that  supplies to leading international retailers around the world including Selfridges, Heals, and Harrods in London, ABC and Barneys in New York. What sets them apart is the hand oven textile using fine silks, cottons,…

Best Buy : 50% Sale at @ home

@home is running a 50% sale from 10th July until 16th August. I like browsing the Saturday paper to see what is on sale but I’m not the kind who would rush to buy something just because something is available at a discount.

Last weekend, I indulged in some balanced retail therapy. New cushions and covers for the sofa was long overdue. Can it get better…

Shopping Tip: Portico’s Classy Bed Linen Collection

Portico Black Bed Linen Portico Black Bed Linen

Good Morning! It’s Monday morning; the weather is perfect and my head is spinning with a set of fresh ideas to post this week. Let’s get started..

Do you live in a rented house? Does your house…

How To : Paint Zebra Stripes on Cushion Covers in Three Steps

After yesterday’s stimulating pictures of zebra print, let’s get down to do some dirty work today. Once I realized, it wasn’t going to be easy to get zebra stripes-printed cushion covers in Bangalore, I set down to painting one of my recycled cushion covers inspired by this throw pillow.

Ideas to Recycle Silk and Cotton Curtains

Cushion covers are easily the most over-priced items on earth. Seriously. Every visit to a home store lures me to the soft furnishing section for want of possessing a good set of silk cushion covers: the ones in bright color printed with trendy design or the lovely, hand-embroidered ones or some plain yet elegant ones with wooden buttons or some painted ones with great detailing?…