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The Story of a Customized Bookshelf

large modular book shelf

This is not a sponsored post.

If there is one piece in our home that has our signatures stamped in its design, then it has to be the bookshelf. The piece sits majestically in the first floor living. This post is a story of how the bookshelf got crafted.

My husband was particular he wanted something different and what…

Study desk: which one would you buy?

“You really don’t need my expert opinion on this. 4 months? You got to be kidding me,” remarked my otherwise cool husband, literally throwing his hands up in despair. The topic of discussion was which study desk would suit my needs.  He was right. How is someone who works on a 16 inch*20 inch space supposed to know what someone who uses a dining table as a…

Shelving ideas: Floating shelves

A quick question: where are you reading this post from – your home office, work or slouching on the couch with your laptop?  Would you believe if I told you that I do most of the work from my dining table ? That’s right. Got to get my own reading corner in the house, so I was just thinking of some simple ideas. And, one seemed perfect.


Store Profile: Bamboo Canopy, Ahmedabad

Are you a green, eco-friendly person? I know, what a dumb question – who is not these days?  If you like bamboo, then you’ll love this post for having discovered Rebecca Reubens. Seriously, the moment I discovered Rebecca’s work, I was floored and wondered how on earth could I not have heard of her before.

Rebecca runs a store called Bamboo Canopy in Ahmedabad.  The store…

How-to: Paint Furniture

In continuation of yesterday’s post, I’ll describe the process that you can apply to paint any wooden furniture. So, if you’re game for some hard work, let’s get started.


1. Identify the piece of furniture you want to paint. And, be convinced why you want to paint. Some pieces of furniture look best in their natural form. For instance, you don’t want a yellow paint over…

DIY Inspiration: Painted Bed

One evening last month, while searching for a sofa for our living room, I happened to go to the @ home store in Marathahalli with my son. When we moved from the Living section to the Bedroom section, his eyes caught a colorful red-and-orange colored bunker with a nice set of wheels and ladder. To be honest, even I loved it. He insisted on getting it home,…

Ideas for Painting Old Furniture

Do we have any diligent readers (read: obsessively checking Google Reader for new posts) of Apartment Therapy here? If yes, you would know that a good chunk of posts are about restoring or transforming old furniture through painting and replacing the hardware. Images of antique, worn wooden cabinet/dresser/table painted into white or turquoise blue are swimming in my head now.

For me, when it comes to home renovation, …

How to : Polish Wood Furniture

Has your wooden cabinet in the kitchen lost its sheen? Do the wardrobes in the bedroom wear a outdated look? Does the prized artifact, which you proudly show off to your visitors, retain its original shine?

Restoring the look of wooden furniture, art work, and cabinets is easy. You don’t need to hire a painter or the polishing person, or worry about spending thousands on restoration or replacing…

Store Tour: Royal Ambience, Bangalore

I want to continue where I left off my last post on styling ideas for apartment main doors. The featured shop stcks many hand-crafted, woven assorted items such as baithaks, mirrors, trays and cushion covers.

Classy Furniture from Pinakin

I recently discovered Pinakin while browsing through a magazine, and later did what I do usually – look them up online.  I was impressed that they have a better online presence than most Indian furniture and home decor stores.

The functional yet great looking furniture speak for themselves. So, I’m going to cut down on the text and let you savor my picks.

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