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15 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow in Your Garden to Cure Anything From Cold to Sleeplessness

15 herbs to grow in your garden to cure anything from cold to sleeplessnessLooking for a home remedy (concoction) to cure that nagging running nose or cold? 

Home makeover: Stone is the hero of this renovated house

Planning to buying a old home and renovate it on a budget? Then this is for you. You will discover which interior designer to connect with, and garden, flooring and furnishing ideas.

There’s something about taking a peek inside real homes. There’s a bit of suspense of what lies behind those doors, of how people dress their homes, and the excitement builds if the doorway is…

Gardening: Landscaping ideas from Green Grower

For all us avid gardeners, a trip to Green Grower in Bandra should be akin to a visit to heaven. From landscaping ideas for your balcony and garden to how to mix-n-match plants and what plants would make for a great gift, you’ll find it all.  Started in 1998 by horticulturist N.S.Rao, the facility is supported by 25-acre nursery housing over 1000 varieties…

Balcony Garden: Accessories to Spruce up your Hangout

Everyone has a favorite corner in their house; a place where you’d like to unwind, go to the first thing in the morning, sip a cup of tea in the evening, or spread the morning newspaper with breakfast on Sunday mornings . My sanctuary is my balcony garden. What’s yours?

It’s only natural that I’m constantly thinking of ways to spruce my hangout. There have been…