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Summer vacation in Goa? Choose from these 4 Airbnb properties with spectacular views. Bonus: You’ll love the decor.

goa airbnb properties to stay at

Goa is a state of mind.

A slice of paradise.

A house for the body, a home for the soul.

The Goan properties featured below are thus introduced on Airbnb.

Unseasonal showers in Bangalore today;…

A courtyard home in Goa

Good morning! Are you charged up after a relaxing, holidaying weekend? I sure am.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw this home flipping thr the pages of Apr-May ’13 issue of Elle Decor.

You know how we always have a certain image of the home we would like to live in. I’m not referring to the the 1500 sq.ft odd cubes we live in the…

A Picture Tour: Dona Sylvia, Goa

What do you do when you want complete peace, a secluded place and some time off from humanity? Head off on a vacation to a beach that is off-limits. I’m thinking South Goa. This post is a picture story of our recent 4-day trip to Dona Sylvia, Goa as it unfolded – hotel, beach, sight seeing and time to pack up.  So I’m going to…