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Vandana’s 2,500 Sq. Foot Apartment is a Canvas to Showcase Art and Handloom Collected Over the Years

Pillars in living room

Pillars? Check.

Tussar paneled wardrobes? Check

Pattachitra painting? Check.

Is this a house or a museum? You’ll see.

I call Jyothika Baleri of Destination Designs the queen of ethnic design; and, with good reason. I’ve featured many…

Vastrabharana: decoding the shopping experience

Cacophony of color and voices.


Women dressed in their elegant best.

Where it feels like an over-sized FabIndia showroom.

Where new-age khadi and linen fabrics overshadow kanjivaram and banarasi sarees.

That pretty much sums up my first day experience at Vastrabharana: the handloom exhibition organized by Crafts Council of Karnataka. It is an annual exhibition that…

Sampoorn Santhe 2013 – a craft fair you wouldn’t want to miss!

Sampoorn Santhe, organized by Sampoorn, is currently being held at Chitra Kala Parishath. Bangalore is a treat for craft lovers. Last week, I went to the half-yearly Kala Madhyam held at Basava Bhavan (you didn’t miss anything as the show was a flop!) .  So, I was not enthusiastic about Sampoorn Santhe but still found myself there yesterday morning with the camera in tow and…


Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week. I’m back to the grind today after a 4-day vacation in Goa but refreshed and ready to go. Though the weather was not sunny, it wasn’t bad.

While going through the FB archives, I saw an update from Dastkar about their new online partner iTokri and wasted no time in checking it out. Yes, another online…

Shop of the week: Hands of India

Ever heard the name Hands of India? I first read about the founder sisters – Malyada and Ramya in ET Wealth . They grew up in a small town called Vrindaban. After graduating, their careers took them separate ways (a stint with the Indian Air Force and IT) and to different places but one thing stayed common – their love for fabrics and all things eco-friendly. That’s how…