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Summer vacation in Goa? Choose from these 4 Airbnb properties with spectacular views. Bonus: You’ll love the decor.

goa airbnb properties to stay at

Goa is a state of mind.

A slice of paradise.

A house for the body, a home for the soul.

The Goan properties featured below are thus introduced on Airbnb.

Unseasonal showers in Bangalore today; the famed Bangalore weather is back,…

Favorite Design and Decorating Magazine?

Do you subscribe to any of the home interiors and decorating magazines, or pick a random bunch off the shelf every month?

Home Decorating magazines Home Decorating magazines

Do you lean towards Elle Decor with its emphasis on stylish living and following the…

Studio Tour: Glasscrafters, Bangalore

Nestled in the by-lanes of Indira Nagar is a studio named “Glasscrafters“. Glasscrafters was started by Asad Hajeebhoy originally in 1991 in Bombay, followed by a four year stint in Muscat, Oman,and finally at Bangalore in 1996.  A physicist by education, Asad pursued stained glass as…

Turning Eucalyptus Seeds into a Decor Piece

One morning my two-year old son brought a bunch of brown seeds after his morning walk. He called the round-looking seeds “flowers” and they were meant as a gift to me. Touched, I wanted to preserve the first gift I ever got from the toddler. On closer introspection, the dried…

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