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Pest Control: How To Get Rid of Cockroaches From Your Kitchen


Those creepy little things that give you goosebumps anytime you spot them.

I wonder why they were created in the first place.

Nothing makes me squirm as much as these dirty little things.

They are not only creepy to look at, but quite unhygienic and hazardous health wise to have in a home.

The tricky question is how do you exterminate roaches?

The answer is : Pest Control.

How often have…

A Sprawling Mumbai Home Gets a Scandinavian-Inspired Makeover

White brick wall spacious home in Mumbai

Siddharth Kothari shares this 3-bedroom, 2,000 sq. feet apartment in Mumbai with his parents, Pradip and Nila. Yes, you read it right. In Marine Drive, Mumbai. I wouldn’t be surprised if your jaws dropped on seeing the square footage. They have…

Add To Your Cart: Set Up Your Guest Bed Room In Less Than INR 95,000

queen bed with swivel lamp

If you had INR 95,000 to set up a guest room, what would you add to your cart to make the room functional and aesthetic? Check out my list.

We live in an era where we understand…

Capricoast: A kitchen in the making

a kitchen in the making

It’s been three months since we moved into this new house. It feels like home now. We cherish the crisp air in the mornings, the evening breeze, and I must sheepishly admit, I sometimes miss the sounds and cacophony of Marathahalli.

In today’s post, I offer you…

Bed Linen from House This!

geometric bed sheets

Take a moment.

Can you recall the last time you received a handwritten note from someone?

My tryst with writing letters (inland letters) started early in life. When I was barely 10 years old, I stayed with my grandparents, away from my parents, for a while. There was no telephone with…

Bought a new home and losing your sleep over interiors? Plan and budget better with this foolproof checklist.

Averse to planning and budgeting?

Hate numbers?

Don’t fret. Not after you read this post.

One of the oft-asked questions when you approach an interior designer is “What is your budget?” I cannot stress the importance of planning and budgeting for interiors because this is a huge project, one with many variables than buying the house itself. Often, we don’t know how much money we have and are…

How Shivani Dogra Dresses Up Homes

For all you home makeover connoisseurs who ogle at before-after pictures endlessly (like me!), the name Shivani Dogra should flash the famous pictures of her Delhi pad in your mind. Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell, this picture should! Ever since I read about her little renovation project on a budget in BBC GoodHomes, I’ve associated her style with simplicity, uniqueness, use of…

Can digital prints bring life to a wall?

What do you think: is putting up digital prints on a wall too textbook-ish style of decorating, or does it have the potential to stand out? Well, it depends, I think. If it’s funny, quirky and makes one take a second look, then yes, it’s maybe worth it. The folks at Crude Area wrote to me and there were three prints that I really liked.

Guest post: Wall decals to deck your walls

(This is a guest post by Sankalp Patil, owner of Kakshyaachitra Arts that produces wall decals.)

Wall decals are a new and happening mode of wall decoration. With the right use of design and color, you can achieve outstanding results in your home.

Stencil Resources in India

We are all back to work after a long, long weekend.

As I get ready to paint the house later this month when the rest of the family would be away for a week, I’m exploring my options. Just thinking of getting one of the outer walls stenciled in a flower pattern. What do you think? Have you stenciled any of your walls? If so, how…