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Want to know the trick to make a tiny kitchen feel spacious and stylish? Buy the right accessories!

small kitchen

small kitchens

Small kitchens are challenging to design; and given the whirl of activity around the clock in the kitchen, it takes finesse to balance functionality and style in the limited space.

Masterchef has, if nothing else,…

Kitchen Tour: A ply kitchen where budget meets fancy accessories

We often associate wood as the material for interiors. After a radical introduction of stainless steel as the prime material in our previous kitchen tour, today I take you through its traditional alternative: a ply kitchen that is budget-friendly without compromising on accessories. This is also executed by CapriCoast….

Real steel: How much does a stainless kitchen cost and should you get one? Hint: Well under 5 Lakhs.

steel kitchen

Take a wild guess. What is this kitchen made of?

steel kitchen

Got ya. You guessed steel for both first and second, didn’t you. The first one is made of wood, and the second one of steel….

Capricoast: A kitchen in the making

a kitchen in the making

It’s been three months since we moved into this new house. It feels like home now. We cherish the crisp air in the mornings, the evening breeze, and I must sheepishly admit, I sometimes miss the sounds and cacophony of…

Three awesome ways to design your corner kitchen cabinets

Every morning, for 50 minutes from 6:30 a.m. to 7:20 a.m., my kitchen is a flurry of activity. Lunch boxes spread over the counter, tea on one burner, breakfast on another, and cooker on yet another. Pots and pans strewn around. But, this is an organized chaos that we all…

Organizing: What works best for you in the kitchen?

Vandana shares her kitchen organizing tips today. There are no rules when it comes to the kitchen….whatever works to help you be more efficient rules.

Vidya’s remodeled kitchen: 3 surprising reasons why you are the best designer for your space!

After three years of subconsciously staring at 18,712,789,765 beautifully dressed up images of kitchens, gardens and spotless living rooms, I’ve come to realise one thing:  when it comes to doing/re-doing your own space, you tend to draw ideas from real homes than the picture-perfect ones in the glossies.

That’s perhaps the…

How to change your kitchen wall in 5 minutes

A quick little question that you have to answer without thinking too much. Ready? What was your last purchase for the home? The big couch, fancy dresser, or pretty mugs at an exhibition. For me, the cheer a big investment brings is short-lived, but the small indulgences keep the cheer…

Kitchen: How Do You Like to Store Pots and Pans?

What is it that you look at when you walk into a kitchen – at a friend’s, relatives’, your own or at a store? My eyes advertently scan the space for a clutter-free counter, organized pantry storage, layout, and to my surprise, how the pots and pans are stored.

I spend…

How to Stock Extra Groceries in the Kitchen

Do you remember your granny’s kitchen with a attached store room adjoining the main cooking area? A room stocked with enough pulses, rice, spices to last a 10+ member joint family for over a year.

Every summer, when we would visit my grandparents’ on vacation, grandmother would have over 500 coconuts…

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