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Where to buy seeds and other gardening materials online in India?

Searching for seeds that have a good germination rate? Wondering where you can get that magic potion  known as panchagavya for your plants? How about soil, vermiculite, coco peat blocks, compost? Ever crossed your mind where you can find pomelo, strafruit seeds? And if someone can deliver all these home, you as a gardener would be on cloud nine.

I’m always on a quest to consolidate all the…

Nursery Tour: Vriksha in Mumbai

Good morning folks! Do you have fifteen minutes to spare? Yes? Great,  continue reading. However,  if you are short on time, then I suggest you come back because you’ll want to take full pleasure of the pictures and it’s not fair to smell the roses in a fleeting few seconds, is it? But, do come back…we’ll be waiting.

For most of the store tours featured on…