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Inside a Mumbai Home With a Moroccan Touch

Inside a Mumbai home designed by Livspace

“Give me the blues to drive away the blues”. Said who? Me, of course. Blue for me symbolizes mood upliftment. And, here’s a home that celebrates this exuberant color in its various hues, tints, and shades; add a Moroccan touch to it and you can assured of a stunner.

This 2-bedroom, 1000 sq.ft Mumbai apartment…

Home Tour: Step Inside This 600 Sq. Ft. Renovated Home

renovated apartment by Mangesh Lungare

AD is a treasure trove of homes that excel in design. I was floored by the renovation of this 600-sq. ft apartment in Mahim belonging to Nikhil and Rima Bhende. Before-after pictures alongside would have accentuated the breathtaking transformation.

Location: Mahim

Area: 600 sq. ft

No. of rooms: Living, 2 bed rooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a loft…

Interior Design: The Orange Lane

My son remarked this afternoon, “mamma, how does Google know all the answers?”  I replied, “yes, it does, provided you ask the right questions.” The past decade or so has made us believe that we can have all the answers in a click from supernova explosions to a drug prescribed by a hematologist to what’s so fascinating about a beluga whale; it has given us the confidence…

Style your space like a pro: 4 ideas that really work!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Kaizad Dinshaw’s work ever since I saw how he magically transformed his bachelor pad into a visual treat. How much can you accomplish in 691 sq.ft of space you may ask? Take twenty steps from one end to the other, and you hit a wall. But, that’s how small or rather big is Dinshaw’s apartment, and we…

Designer spotlight: Purple Backyard

Hello everybody! It’s Friday and time for Shopping Friday post which will be up tomorrow as I have an exciting designer to showcase today. During one of my many FB wanderlust (which has been cut short this week because of Chrome Nanny :(), I came across images of a beautiful, breezy, street-side cafe kinda setting. Digging further, it turned out this pretty place was a cafe in…

Play Clan

What do you do when something catches your attention? I’d blog about it, how about you? Play Clan is not new to me but it resurfaced on my radar again this Saturday night while flipping through the Aug. issue of Good Homes magazine and during a rendezvous with a time waster called FB.

Play Clan passes all the tests that a modern design lover looks for. Kitschy….

Nursery Tour: Vriksha in Mumbai

Good morning folks! Do you have fifteen minutes to spare? Yes? Great,  continue reading. However,  if you are short on time, then I suggest you come back because you’ll want to take full pleasure of the pictures and it’s not fair to smell the roses in a fleeting few seconds, is it? But, do come back…we’ll be waiting.

For most of the store tours featured on “dress your…

Prime Properties in India: no asking price for seeing

My internet connection (Airtel 4G that boasts of 15 Mbps speed) is awfully intermittent and slow today, so I closed all the other open windows to shamelessly flirt with the pictures below. How did I end up at these properties? You know those annoying ads listing the most expensive things on earth from lobster to glares; one such list boasted of the seven most expensive homes in…

Design lessons for teeny-tiny spaces from Ayaz Basrai of The Busride

Minimalism is on the top of my list in everything I do. And I’m fortunate to have a like-minded family that believes in giving away stuff in excellent condition – be it toys, gadgets. Why buy, you may ask? Well, not anymore. I think twice before getting anything new into the house.  And if something new has to come in, then something has to go. As a…

Guest post: Wall decals to deck your walls

(This is a guest post by Sankalp Patil, owner of Kakshyaachitra Arts that produces wall decals.)

Wall decals are a new and happening mode of wall decoration. With the right use of design and color, you can achieve outstanding results in your home.

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