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Studio Tour: Glasscrafters, Bangalore

Nestled in the by-lanes of Indira Nagar is a studio named “Glasscrafters“. Glasscrafters was started by Asad Hajeebhoy originally in 1991 in Bombay, followed by a four year stint in Muscat, Oman,and finally at Bangalore in 1996.  A physicist by education, Asad pursued stained glass as a hobby to take it up full-time in 1996.

Wallpaper Murals for Kids’ Rooms @ Bangalore

If there is one room in the house where the concepts are changing for ever, it has to be the children’s rooms.  Some characters like Barbie and Spider Man linger on; they were there in the 80’s, are there now and I’, sure you will find them even in 2032. While others like Disney characters or Noddy make way for newer ones. There is no…