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Baskets from the Baba Tree Basket Company

handwoven fruit basket

Pinterest is smart.

It is aware of the things I love and adore.

Baskets being one of them. Brownies being the other.

Pin recommendations have been full of drool-worthy brownies.

But, it’s not often that you stop scrolling to drool and obsess over one pin because its pixels are oozing with…

Organizing Ideas To Steal for Your Kitchen from Ikea Stores

There were two store tours on my list, and I chose Ikea. You’ve read about the baskets before.

Who doesn’t love Ikea, and who doesn’t like affordable storage solutions? I’d never been to an Ikea store before, so it was on top of my list during last month’s visit to U.S. I happened to visit two Ikea stores. Not such a big fan of their…

Organizing: How do you store and use kitchen appliances with ease?

Do you look for additional muscle power every time you have to make dosa batter? I mean to take out the grinder from the bottom shelf, or is it perched on your countertop conveniently (great for use but not easy on the eye, right?) ?

As much as we would like to use ammi, kalloral (read: food mill, mortar and pestle), they’ve given way to juicer,…

Storage: Boxes from Bigso

I hope it’s bright and sunny in the part of the world where you live in. Here, in Bangalore, there is an overcast for the past couple of days, but no rain in sight. But that doesn’t deter us from camping out on weekends, does it?

How and where do you store important bills? Do you have any ideas for stashing away wires and cords of…

Stylish Storage Ideas : Open Shelves

You’re well traveled. You love to cook. You’re an avid reader. You have an eye for interesting curios. Now, that means you have an impressive collection of souvenirs from the various countries you’ve visited, a good collection of recipe books, spices and well-stocked grocery, and an overflowing library. And, there’s always only so much space in an apartment to display one’s collectibles, right?

Umm, that’s true…

Kitchen: How Do You Like to Store Pots and Pans?

What is it that you look at when you walk into a kitchen – at a friend’s, relatives’, your own or at a store? My eyes advertently scan the space for a clutter-free counter, organized pantry storage, layout, and to my surprise, how the pots and pans are stored.

I spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen cooking regular food or trying out new…

Storing Cookbooks in Kitchen

Every woman’s kitchen has at least one recipe book – either self-bought or gifted. Mine has over 100 of them. No exaggeration. Seriously. Most of them are small supplements that come with various Tamil monthly magazines. My mom religiously collects them every month and hands them by the dozen or more when we meet, usually after3-4 months. That shows her confidence in my cooking :)…

Inviting Creative Toy Storage Ideas in Kids’ Room

One of my biggest nightmares is to organize and put away my toddler’s growing pile of toys. Just when I make my resolution of not buying any more for another month or two, does he receive a huge carton from my parents’ or friends as gifts. Once a month, I go through the pile to discard broken ones and give away…

Open Shelving in Kitchen

I’m a big fan of open shelves in kitchen for lining up often used spices.¬† Easy to handle, cheap to install, quick cleaning and scores high on the look factor…what more can one ask for! And, for renters, nothing is more easier than a open shelving system to add storage space . What do you think of these?

Question : Ikea-like Wooden Baskets for Storage in India?

I can’t get over these two pictures and I’m sure you’ll agree with me:

Stacked wooden baskets

Under bed storage

I first spotted the open shelving for wooden boxes…