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Do Empty Houses Sell? 7 No-Brainer Tips To Stage A Home Yourself To Sell Faster.

How to stage and style an apartment for saleDo empty homes sell faster?

Or do staged homes sell faster?

According to a survey by National Association of Realtors® (NAR) in 2017,

staging increased the value of a home by 6-20%.
Over 77% of buyers find…

Diwali Styling: Candle and Flower Centerpieces

Home spic and span? Check. Bought diyas? Check.  Shopping? Check. Made sweets? Check.  Rangoli design? Check. Diwali menu? Check.

Somehow this Diwali doesn’t really feel like one for me. Maybe because it falls in the middle of the week, and most offices are off only tomorrow. So, there isn’t much activity in the sweet shops, or on the roads, in general, as compared to every year;…

Diwali Styling: Flowers and Candles

I was happy to discover Swedish home fashion site SIA. As lovly as the products are, the site is also a mine of styling and home decor ideas that can be easily adapted here to up the glitz and glamour quotient this Diwali. From what kind of flowers will look good in what kind of vases as centerpieces to how to mix and…

Inspiration: Styling your centerpieces for Diwali

I saw a peacock feather inspired centerpiece and was floored by the vibrancy and the life the colors brought to the table. Not too many colors, but the color play from blue and green has a stunning effect over all against the dark wood table. It’s fresh, nothing like you’ve seen before. The silkiness of the fabrics, ribbons coordinate well with the peacock feathers. The…