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The Cheapest Way to Cover An Ugly Wall In A Rental Without Painting

cover ugly wall rental without painting

No nails. No paint. No wallpaper. If you are a renter, you must be familiar with these rules. Yet the desire to make our temporary homes look good motivates us to be creative. Here’s one solution to…

Question: how do you decide the color for your walls from the palette?

If you were to choose one exotic color for one wall for every room of your house, which one would you choose and why?

I’ve more or less decided to get the painting done the last week of this month and in the process of selecting colors. It’s probably going to be all white except one wall in every bedroom. I’m leaning towards fuchsia, turquoise and…

How to change the look of your wall in 4 hours

Last December, we changed the look of the focus wall in living room with Asian Paints’ decorative paint as part of their Surprise your Spouse campaign. Now, I’m looking at various options to transform a wall in the dining room for a budget under Rs. 10,000. The partially open wall divides the dining area and the kitchen. I would love to give a…

Surprise Your Spouse : A Makeover Story

It is time to talk about the surprise. 2010 drew to a close on a good note and December was been a fabulous month. Before I begin, wish you all a very Happy New Year. And thank you for stopping by, asking for suggestions and all your kind comments.

There was a time, year 2004 to be precise, when I was hooked onto the makeover…

Three Low-Budget Wall Ideas to Jazz up Your Kid’s Bedroom

Tired of the age-old Noddy-goes-flying-with-Martha Monkey and Winnie the Pooh posters that adorn kids rooms? Looking for something that breathes freshness, color, and adds life to the four walls? But, you are not willing to spend a fortune and it must be easy to do?

Let’s get started then and transform the walls before Diwali.

Wall Decal:

With stores such as Staples, Reliance Stationery Mart, and Hobby…