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Eight Ways to Get a Sparkling Bathroom

a clean bathroom

A little caveat before I begin this post: it’s not the feel-good type that you are used to seeing on this page. It’s one of those get-down-and-dirty posts, but something we can’t live without. If you’re game, continue reading and I promise there are great pictures…

What’s the best cleaning product for bathroom?

Gross alert: there’s a lot of stomach-churning description in this post. So, in jest, please be warned that this is not for the faint-hearted. this post talks about how to remove hard water scales and shine your bathrooms with one awesome product. Bonus: No elbow grease.

Strands of hair. Ewwww….

Lime scale build up. Not a pretty sight.

Discolored tiles: disgusting!

Dirty foot marks.

Gross and wet. Slimy!

Diwali cleaning: a spotless bathroom in less than 30 minutes

Yesterday, in the first part of this series to make your home spotless just in time for Diwali, we looked at getting a sparkling living room and bedroom. Today, we move into one of the high traffic areas after the kitchen and which just gets messy no water what, if not tended to. What’s the one thing you love about any good hotel? Especially when…