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With over 12 years of blogging experience, I understand the pulse of the audience. I have collaborated with several brands over the past few years. Some of the brands I have worked with are listed below (not in any particular order) and this is not an exhaustive list:

Asian Paints

Birla Homes





Godrej Aer


Oasis Tiles



Riva Carpets

Stosa Cucine

Tangerine Tree


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What makes dressyourhome different?

  • Simple, minimalist design. No clutter. Focus is only on content.
  • Readers come first.
  • Objective reviews. If I am not convinced about a product or service and would personally not use, then I often decline to promote the same. Similarly, if I think something is great, then you will hear it no less words.
  • There’s usually a personal story to it that makes it easy for readers to relate.
  • Goes beyond what is pleasing to the eye. Goes beyond sharing pretty pictures for inspiration. Here you will find what works and what does not work for a home, often from a utilitarian angle from reviews of a home to interior designers and products to shop for if you are building a home.
  • QUICK turnaround time.

Media mentions and awards:

If you have a product to review, an event to be covered, or just want to spread the word about an awesome service, get in touch with me at