Question: how do you decide the color for your walls from the palette?

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If you were to choose one exotic color for one wall for every room of your house, which one would you choose and why?

I’ve more or less decided to get the painting done the last week of this month and in the process of selecting colors. It’s probably going to be all white except one wall in every bedroom. I’m leaning towards fuchsia, turquoise and orange. I found these images (from Appleton residence) ┬ávery inspiring and cheerful.

Question: how do you decide the color for your walls from the palette?

Clouds in the sky (or should I say ceiling) is a brilliant idea. It beautifully complements the pink walls.

How do you decide on wall colors before painting? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Image courtesy:

Appleton Residence

Marie Claire



  1. Priti Mehta

    I have recently started following your blog and look forward to your posts.Need some information.What is the sq foot rate charged by painters in Bangalore.Can you recommend a good painter.(am new to Bangalore)

  2. laksh

    Hi Priti,

    Welcome here. It’s typically around s.7 per sq.ft. It would be less if you hire local painters. But, unless you know someone who has done good prior work, it’s difficult to suggest. I have had experience with Asian Paints and they were good. Not so much the case with Berger.

  3. laksh

    Hi Anitha,

    Welcome here and am glad you like the content. Thanks for sharing the pics. Appreciate it :)

  4. Orange is by far my favourite… for sure!! I totally love orange wall… I have recently painted one bedroom wall green… (its a different kind of green).. and my bedroom.. teal… Have a look… (

    I’m looking at doing some stencil work here.. like maybe a peacock feature or so… lets see.. Tell me what you think… and do join in the Weekly party.. would love to have you join in!!

  5. Wrong post for me to comment on, since I like whites the best :). I just cannot imagine living in a house with different accents in each room. I like white walls with colors coming in the form of lighting, furniture, plants and furnishings. But then that’s me!

    I also prefer textures on walls as accents either in the form of paints/ wallpapers or cladding with natural tiles.

    But if I had to choose a color then maybe I would go for a terracotta or an orange for a room which gets lots of natural light. I don’t recollect using any other color for any of my projects :)

    Good luck with your painting at home and do share the pics.

  6. laksh

    Definitely Pat. Will do.

    I know you are like my son…saying he LOVES Orange would be an understatement. I was thinking of stenciling butterflies in the guest bedroom. Given that you are the expert at painting walls, what do you think?

  7. laksh

    That would be nice, Manasa. Thanks, please do send them.

    After looking at Patty’s post again, I remembered how much I had loved the first time I saw it. Bright n chirpy.

  8. laksh

    I can relate to you now, Renu. I was pro-color until a while back but now am totally into whites. But got to get the balance in the family :) so just might get the kid’s room and guest room colored.

  9. If you are doing asian paints, would recommend “sonnet” shade of white.

  10. laksh

    Thanks Renu. Is it stark white or has a tinge of some other color?

  11. lakshmi, let me know your e-mail ID, so that I can send across the pics to u

  12. It’s a warm white (tending towards off-white), not a cool white.

  13. I have painted my Bungalow with Sonnet colour, both exterior and interiors. It looks fabulous. I highly recommend this colour. Some of my neighbours too painted their house with Asian Paints Sonnet. It really looks great. Beleive me.

  14. laksh

    Hi Anitha,

    Yea agree with you. It’s a pleasant color but can be tough on maintenance :(

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