Aqua Rapport: A Fluid Home in Ahmedabad

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The Fluid Home

This 3 BHK apartment in Ahmedabad designed by UA LAB goes by the name “Aqua Rapport”. Rightfully so. But, when I scrolled through the project pictures, the first word that came to my mind to describe the interior design of this apartment was “fluid”. The fluidity in design will become apparent as you navigate through the spaces.

About the Project:

Project name: Aqua Rapport (Interior Design of 3 BHK Apartment) 

Project location: Ahmedabad, India

Gross Built Area: 1562 square ft

Completion Year: 2020

Architecture Firm: UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)

Founder / Principal Designer: Vipuja Parmar, Krishnakant Parmar

Contact e-mail: ualab.india@gmail.com

Instagram: @ualab.in

Photo credits:  Maulik Patel / Inclined Studio / @inclined_studio (Instagram)


Clever spatial planning is a stronghold of architecture firm UA Lab as we’ve seen in other projects too. The foyer vestibule opens into a puja room on the left and a formal living room which then opens into the space housing the living, dining and kitchen. The three bedrooms with attached bathrooms are on the far end (right hand side) of the apartment. The kitchen comes with a store and wash area.


The door of the apartment opens to the foyer/vestibule is clad in vertical strips of wooden panel from walls to ceiling. This gives it a seamless and warm look. The small space gets a magnified feeling, thanks to the two round mirrors flanking the bench and the modern art. The traces of aqua ties this space with the rest of the apartment.

The 6 feet long traditional wooden bench in the foyer comprises of a 4 feet 4 inches seating section with the remaining of two stacked drawers on one end. The backrest and side hand rest are panels of wooden members. The support are slanted legs. If you notice carefully, the beautifully crafted bench in the foyer is every bit utilitarian with a open plank at the bottom for storage as are the side drawers.

The bench is inspired by traditional furniture called ‘Bakado‘. It is a seater with armrest and is generally placed at the entrance in the traditional houses. It works as a waiting area for the visitors.

Wood clad foyer with a traditional bench seating


The foyer opens into the formal living space, which is in stark contrast to the warmth of the foyer. Painted in white and furnished with simple seating, and thanks to the sheer curtains, the space is brightly lit with natural light. The formal living room opens into the informal living + dining space with a kitchen. A glass paneling divides this formal living with the rest of the house essentially making it feel like one large space.

Formal living room
Glass wall cladding dividing the formal living & dining
Aqua clad wall panel for TV unit
glass partition separating formal living and dining


The dining space uses a combination of revival green and scarlett. The use of pastel tones softens the heavy use of wood breaking the monotony and monochromatic palette.  It also brings in a contrast to the texture and material used. The way I interpreted it was a beautiful amalgamation of traditional + modern designs.

If you observe carefully, the pastel tones have been strategically used in the furniture at the Joints, tabletop, the backrest of the chair and the chest.  Pastels combined with wood gives a queer look to these elements.

a huge well lit open dining space opening up the balcony.
a view of the kitchen from the dining. the dining table is glass frosted in revival green.
a modern artwork frames the opposite wall – another unique element that ties the entire house
details of wall paneling on the kitchen wall with in built storage


The bedrooms are minimal and functional. There is an unmistakable earthiness to it from the choice of furnishings to the headboard and seating. The wooden seating by the window is an extension of the bench at the foyer – sleek and modern. It is a no-fuss bedroom with no frills whatsoever from the design of the bed to the artifacts or lack of it. A simple houseplant and a modern complementing artwork in blue completes the space.

a minimalist bedroom with fluted head board with inbuilt display alcoves

another minimal bedroom

The architect says,”

The interior concept is defined by enjoying the spaciousness allowing maximum natural light. The interior elements like the furniture, the wall textures, the ceilings, the tapestries all together are designed to celebrate this spaciousness within the apartment space. We have used wood, hues of grey combined with some pastel tones to create a warm and inviting space. 

The common utility area is made playful by using green ceramic mosaic. The ceramic mosaic is used full height combined with the wooden chest. The utility alcove is designed as an interesting pause before entering the sleeping spaces.


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