Aakanksha and I schooled together for three years in a remote district in Northern Karnataka where our fathers worked. Then, she moved to Gwalior. And we lost touch for two decades. Thanks to FB, we connected again. If there’s one thing I still remember from those days, it’s how impeccably clean she was, and that shows in her home as well now..

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she is passionate about interiors.

This is what she has to say on maintaining a clean bathroom: “I m a cleanliness freak, and very particular when it comes to bathrooms.To keep it all parched n spruced up….I make sure that the water is wiped off the floors n walls after every shower. That’s not too cumbersome as it has to be done just once in the morning when everybody is done and seldom at night. It just takes 5 to 10 mnts in all.thats not a big price to pay for a dry n neat bathroom free of dampness & moisture which becomes quite  unwelcoming otherwise……”

On breaking the monotony, “I try repositioning the freestanding pieces of furniture. Rearranging art pieces n stuff  also helps to break the monotony.The change in bed dressing styles also makes a heavy impact.  Personally I don’t like splurging on expensive items; rather prefer to buy smartly n economically. “

Thanks Aakanksha for letting us peek into your home.


  1. Nithya Iyer

    Lovely arrangement. I really love the arrangement of the assorted stuffs… It is quite refreshing and unique way. But i always wonder whether people really lit these candles? Do you? May be I sound naive but I really am when it comes to candles being used as decors. If possible please fill me with some light in this matter.
    Thanks a lot!!!

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