Today I’m back with another home tour showcasing an apartment in Bangalore. I think it’s amazing when people throw open their doors, and let us take a peek into what lies behind it. It’s real for one with real people living in it; these homes are not staged or styled for a sale, and that I think is remarkable.

My post on paint color evoked a lot of responses; one of them was from Anitha who shared pictures of her home – Prashanthi. Prashanti means “peace” and as we step inside get a glimpse of the drawing room, every corner gives you that calming impact. Maybe it’s the magic of white …so shall we take a tour and see what’s in store? From flashes of light to an Indian version of Martha Stewart, you can see it all.

Living + Dining

Home Tour: Anitha’s Peaceful Abode in Bangalore

I asked Anitha how she manages a white sofa in dust-laden Bangalore and this is what she had to say, “Our living room colour was based on the warmth that the purple would give out when rightly mixed with whites. It took some time to convince my hubby about this colour. But, now he just loves it. These sofas are from Ikea and comes with machine washable covers. I bought two extra covers and it goes for wash fortnightly.”

Drawing room of an apartment in Bangalore with a rectangular mirror and open shelving.

Traditional hand-drawn Indian warli art on the walls of an apartment

The simplicity of Warli art makes it a popular fixture in most homes with DIY lovers.


This apartment design boasts of open shelving throughout the house including the kitchen. A traditional Indian kitchen.

Did you  notice the labeling on jars and how all of them are of a similar size? Her words of wisdom on an organized kitchen: “My tip would be to keep all that you don’t use regularly to be stored away in higher shelves. Have daily, weekly, monthly cleaning checklist and follow it! And, not to go to sleep with out shining your sink!  I have learnt from Martha on organizing home, i use the sorting labeling process all thru my home. ”


A healthy mix of blue and green energise kids’ bedroom.

Hope you all enjoyed Anitha’s home as much as I did. Thanks Anitha for sharing the pictures. Have a great weekend. I’ll be back next week with more festive posts.

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IC: Anitha


  1. Love the children’s room especially — such lovely bright colours, without being overly cutesy or ‘themed’. Adore their chairs, especially: so much character to them.

    Love the organized kitchen and the restraint of the dining room curtains, so simple and so elegant, too.

    One question: how on earth do you get so much Ikea in India?

  2. love their space,and thanks for sharing it with us.
    the spice jars in the kitchen and all the blue n white plastic ones which are hung up,are they all bought in india?

  3. @Lakshmi, thanks for this lovely post. @Archana : Hi Archana, thanks: these are from Ikea. We relocated from UAE and I did most of my shopping from Ikea there.

  4. Playing with combination of blue and green color gives the kids room a perfect playful look and feel. Liked the idea. Floor lamp in the first pic and warli painitng gets too thumbs up!

  5. Hey, just checked out these real homes posts and they seem to be very inspiring and Real idea books . Well, I live in Abidjan . But, we have our apartment in chennai as well, I would love to share the clicks sometime, when I’m back I’m India( may be in December) Since, we were looking for a easy to maintain NRI friendly home ( as we will be there only for holidays) I designed it myself. I don’t have images now, with me. Do mail me if you wish to post images of my home. Cheers! Rach

  6. Hi Anitha, Thanks for sharing the pics. I could take lot of Ideas from them. Can you please share Pooja room Pics. I could see it slightly in the dining room pic. Thanks once again.

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