Glass lanterns at Earthy Goods

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Ever heard of Reshma Anand? I did not until I read her profile in ET and was pleasantly surprised to learn she is the founder of a arts store called “Earthy Goods”. With a corporate background in Hindustan Unilever, Reshma started Earthy Goods in 2007 after a 4-month road trip that took her to numerous rural villages across India.

You’ve got to check out the store and I’m sure you’ll be over the moon. Head over to Earthy Goods and indulge in some retail therapy. This is the perfect time of the year to get some home accents too…and if you’re already done with your share of shopping, never mind. Indulge by seeing :)

I know I know..lanterns yet again. But, I can’t help it. I just love them. these are hand-blown and comes in such fabulous colors that you just can’t resist.

There are times when I feel like buying online is way better than braving the traffic and crowds during the festive season. You don’t end up doing some impulsive shopping either.  On that note, let’s say goodbyes. Have a great weekend.

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Earthy Goods


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