Portico Black Bed Linen
Portico Black Bed Linen

Good Morning! It’s Monday morning; the weather is perfect and my head is spinning with a set of fresh ideas to post this week. Let’s get started..

Do you live in a rented house? Does your house owner object to drilling holes on the walls? Are most of your collectibles and prized frames neatly packed in boxes and stored away in the deepest corners of your loft? And you see them only when it’s time to move again wondering why you ever bought them? Having lived in a rented spaces for a better part of my life, I’m familiar with this.

Over the years, however, I’ve learned that dressing up your walls is not the way to decorate a room. Curtains, elegant bed linens, the way one makes a bed or arranges a sofa in a living room makes all the difference. And none of these will put a hole in the wall :)

There are only a handful of good branded bed and bath makers in India : Portico, Spaces, Welhome, Bombay Dyeing, and Fabindia. My personal favorite has been Portico. For all you Fabindia lovers, read no further. Portico, the only one with a full-fledged website, showcases their collection in an organized manner that can you spend hours admiring the designs.

This post is a collection of my picks from Portico’s latest offering :

Bright Bed Sheets
Bright Bed Sheets
Red Bed Linen from Portico
Red Bed Linen from Portico
Portico Bed Linen
Portico Bed Linen

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  1. Is there no end to how talented you are? Lovely site. I’m madly interested in decor but sadly severely lack talent.

    My favorite store of all times for linen is Maspar. I studiously avoid it if I am short on cash, too tempting!

  2. laksh

    Poppin n Sweetpea mom (not fair to Sweetpea to call you just Poppin’ mom right),

    Welcome here. Thanks a lot for the comment.
    I’m so drawn towards home decor these past few years that I truly felt like sharing. I hope there is an audience…
    I had not heard of Maspar before. Does look very inviting as you say.

  3. Hey Laksh,

    I love gorgeous linen! :)
    Any tips on maintenance??? :) I am so terrible at running a home but I need to ask this – how often does one ought to change bedsheets and bedspreads? :) I usually wait till they look and feel dirty! :(

  4. laksh

    This is a tough one to answer :)

    Let me try and keep it simple. When we didn’t have a kid and we were both working, I changed the sheets once a week – every Saturday. Now that I stay home and have a toddler, it’s once in every two days or sometimes more than 5 times a week. Neither too much wash nor letting dirt accumulate is good for the linen.


    I was going to do a post on it this week.
    Cold water wash is good for linens. I leave it soaked for 30 mins in the machine before starting the wash cycle. Most fabric don’t last long when put in the drier.

    I generally don’t encourage food in the bedroom. If, however, there is a coffee/tea stain or any food spill, I don’t let it stay for long and wash the area immediately and put it for a wash. Stretching it too far :) ? Well, it just saves time and energy later.

  5. well i am located in bangalore…could you please help me where can i get this collection…its amazing…do you have any exclusive potico showroom or anywhere can i get a good range of collection in bangalore please do help..awaiting mail

  6. laksh

    Hi Neha,

    Portico collection is available on retail at all the home furnishing stores – big and small like. You can easily get the entire range at any chain like Home Town, @ Home, Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop or at the standalone ones.

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