Diwali Decoration

Diwali Styling: Candle and Flower Centerpieces

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Home spic and span? Check. Bought diyas? Check.  Shopping? Check. Made sweets? Check.  Rangoli design? Check. Diwali menu? Check.

Somehow this Diwali doesn’t really feel like one for me. Maybe because it falls in the middle of the week, and most offices are off only tomorrow. So, there isn’t much activity in the sweet shops, or on the roads, in general, as compared to every year; at least where I live.

If you haven’t picked up flowers, or something nice to spruce up your decor, don’t fret. You can create one with the stuff from your kitchen and your backyard. Or, if you are all set and just browsing looking for some more inspiration, then here you go. Some fire play in water from Martha Stewart just for the big day.

Who says you need flowers? A handful of beans and candles are all you need to create a mesmerizing effect as this.

Floating candle centerpieces are easy to create but the effect is instantly magical.

Isn’t it nice to unusual items as votives such as the sea shells here, or coconut shells, or green peppers?

If you’ve got a plain candle, draw some simple rangoli patterns on it to make it more attractive.

You can’t go wrong with flowers and candle, no matter how you mix and match.

Image courtesy:

Martha Stewart



  1. laksh

    Welcome here, Shanthi. Thanks for the wishes. Wish you a happy Diwali too.

  2. Ryan Hoody

    I love the candle arrangements. It’s always nice to see people improvising to create a gorgeous and inviting ambiance. Where do you go for most of your candle purchases? You have some great designs there, and I am curious if you find the various holders and glasses at the same location.



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