Getting your house painted – Asian, Nerolac, Berger, or Surfa Coats?
Freshly painted walls have a welcoming and positive effect on a home.
There’s no research to suggest how often you should get your house painted. But, it’s good to give a space a fresh coat of paint once every three years.
Now, there are two kinds: a full job, and a coat. A full job is one where you scrape the entire surface, apply putty, and then paint. A new coat is where you apply two coats of paint assuming the primed surface is in great condition.
From a clean surface to unblocking energies, there are several benefits of painting your interiors every four years. When choosing which paint to go with, here are a few factors you may want to consider.
There are several paint brands available these days. But, the options narrow down to the big three in the Indian market: Asian Paints, Nerolac and Berger. I would also like to include Surfa Coats to this. It’s one of the best experiences I have had recently.
white paint
All of them offer a comprehensive painting solution unlike before when you had to hire a independent contractor. The downside was the risk the work will ever get completed to your liking, and if it did within the time frame.

Thanks to the Surprise your Spouse home makeover event, I had an alright experience with Asian Paints. When we painted our last apartment, I decided to get a quote from all the three and finally decided on Asian. As you can see, the most responsive was Nerolac in giving a quote while it was a cat and mouse chase with Asian Paints. But, I knew the quality of the work would be good comparatively so went with Asian. Pricing wise, the gap between Berger and Asian was huge. You can see a comparison of other factors below:


I received some amazing suggestions from you all regarding paint color.  White was my favorite for living and dining as everything stands out against a white background.

Updated in 2018

Fast forward to four years. The entire house is painted with Surfa Coats, and I highly recommend it now after living in the house for two years. The surface exudes a glossy look. It’s easy to wipe the surface of any dirt, and it’s pure white. The experience with Asian Paints Royal Emulsion, on the other hand, has not been so good. The paint even though they say is washable is difficult to get the stains off.

Having said that, I do recommend Asian Paints for their special finishes. I have experimented with Dune in the past and there is a textured pink wall in the dining currently.

Updated in Dec 2018:

Surfa Coats is a relatively new player but one that I’m satisfied with. I recently got my kitchen repainted in white and you can see a noticeable difference.

white interior paint

white interior paint



  1. nice pix.Can u temme where i can get that wall clock in ur pic?its lovely!

  2. laksh

    Hi Saritha: Thanks. I bought it on eBay. But I’d suggest you buy it from a store as the condition of the clock when it arrived wasn’t great. You get it at Mother Earth in Bangalore and couple of other places too.

  3. laksh

    Thanks Renu. Loved your color suggestion – sonnet.

  4. Well, my experience with Nerolac expressions what great. The quote was great, pricing was very very reasonable. We dint ask for any painting guide or suggestions from them, as we know what color paints we wanted to paint on each wall, and what texture we wanted ( infact we got it custom made) we used spatula texture in orange and gold, and it turned out to be great. The supervision and follow up was great. The overall painting experience was great. If someone asks me, if I would prefer to use it again… I would surely say …. YES :)

  5. laksh

    Rach: Wow..that’s refreshingly nice to hear. Some great feedback other than Asian.

  6. asian paints executive came today after 4 days of followups. mine is a repainting work and i want royale luxury emulsion. they say royale has to be done like fresh paint and quoted very high. no one else said so. are they suggesting right thing?

  7. Hi Need to paint our house and we are so confused. My wardrobe is Cream and brown, thanks to my wife! Can you suggest some colour combis?

  8. laksh

    Hi Anand,

    If you like sober colors, then you could go in for a very light shade of brown. This is different from the traditional off white/cream. Unless you have a lot of wood work, don’t be so concerned about the color of the wardrobes. These are neutral colors and any wall color you choose should go well with these. Some trendy colors are indigo for one wall, bright red/marsala for one wall. Yellows and oranges have been overdone the past few years, and these are newer colors to try out.

    Here’s another idea; you can walk into any Asian Paints color idea store and go through the wall panels to see what appeals to you. These are displayed on the walls on panels just like tiles are displayed in a tile store. It is much better than going through a catalogue. that should give you some idea.

  9. Siddharth

    I tried both Asian n Nerolac.
    I felt nerolac much better in terms of Sheen. It’s been a decade since I painted and the paint is still in a good condition.

  10. laksh

    Agree with you on this Siddarth. I was not happy with Asian too this time. I had a good experience with Surfa Coats this time.

  11. Does anyone has any idea about DULUX paints – quality, service, pricing etc.?

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