Garden Tour: Reema’s Green Balcony

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What’s the age of the oldest plant in your garden? There’s a saying that the more fondly you look at your plants every morning and tend to them, the better they grow – the love permeates. The oldest in my garden is a ivy that we planted four years ago when we moved back to Bangalore. But, Reema Saravanan of Bangalore, says some of the┬áplants in her garden have been with her for almost 8 years now. WOW!

And you’ll know how true that is when you look at her garden. The plants are in good hands :) Thanks Reema for asking to be featured on “dress your home”. It’s a pleasure to showcase your garden.

Reema lives in Bangalore; her balcony faces east. When I asked her how she takes care of her plants and if there are any maintenance tips , she responded, ” as I am working and have to maintain a work life balance, all the plants in my balcony garden are very low maintenance. The one thing that I never miss out is watering them every evening, I would prefer doing it every morning but you know how mornings are. I manure them once in 3 months and try to re-pot them once a year.┬áSome of the plants in my garden have been with me for almost 8 years now. But lately I had observed that some of the plants are getting infected by mealy bug. But thanks to a good friend of mine, she got me this pesticide called Imidacloprid 17.8% SL which is really effective.

The other thing which I enjoy doing is accessorizing my garden. You will find all kinds of bells and trinklets in my balcony!”
A mine of information in those few sentences from tips on regular care to taking care of bugs.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you Monday.



  1. Hi Laxmi,

    I am interested in sprucing up my balcony containers too… was interested in buying some window boxes that I can hang from the railing and get some vertical relief too…

    But I am not sure where to get such window boxes from, do you have any idea? Also, how much do they cost roughly?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. laksh

    Swapna: Which city do you live in? If you are in Bangalore, you could try Green Essence in Indira Nagar. Not sure if you’d find it in Sunshine’s Garden Boutique (Indira Nagar) and the Garden store in Whitefield. Anyone else know of other places, please suggest.

  3. Swapna, you can find the garden store on dekornation, which is defunct now.

  4. Green Essence

    Hey Swapna…you can find a whole range of railing holders at the Green Essence Garden concept store in Indira Nagar,Bangalore…Do call us on 9845396459 or 9845827010 for further details…….:)

  5. Hey

    Nice post :-)
    do you know where can I get the chair featured in one of d pic in Bangalore and how much would it cost.


  6. great post. im just starting my experiments with a tiny balcony garden.. in your post u mentioned that Reema’s garden has low maintenance plants. Since im working too, i was wondering if u could pls let me know which plants she has? would like to start with something similar. thanks

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