Nilaya Wallpaper by Asian Paints: Inside Secret That Dealers Don’t Reveal & 10 Favorite Picks (Under Rs. 10,000)

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If you thought choosing a wall paint color was overwhelming, think again. It took me two years to settle on a wallpaper that was within budget and in line with my aesthetics. In this post, I’ll go over how I picked a wallpaper for my bedroom and some curated picks from Nilaya by Asian Paints. This is NOT a sponsored post.

(Do watch out for tips throughout the article for what dealers don’t tell you.)

#1 Decide on texture or pattern

If it’s an accent wall like one behind the sofa in the living room or behind the bed in the bedroom, a patterned wallpaper will look good; it has the potential to lift the look of the room without being garish.

The pattern itself may depend on several other factors such as:

  • is the design modern/contemporary or traditional?
  • is the furniture quite heavy?
  • how much light does the room receive?

If the design is modern, you could go with an abstract pattern or simple lines. Likewise, should your design be traditional, you could opt for motifs like paisley, flowers or the Sabyasachi range.

Nilaya Wallpaper by Asian Paints: Inside Secret That Dealers Don’t Reveal & 10 Favorite Picks Under Rs. 10,000

For a playful look in the kids bedroom, experiment with breezy patterns such as the ones below in a mix of complementing colors.

#2 Decide on the color

This is the most tricky part in the entire selection process. Some wallpapers look good by themselves but don’t blend with the room. If it’s a room that has all the other design elements in place such as the closet and curtains, you will be forced to work within the boundaries of that color palette.

For instance, my bedroom has grey curtains and white and brown closet. As much as I loved this black and gold wallpaper for it’s bold, modern and sophisticated look, I had to take a step back because it was too dark when paired with the wooden flooring.

Lighting is again crucial for a dark color such as this one.

But, if you are keen on something that screams luxury, go with this by all means. It has that oomph factor that most don’t.

Unless you want the wallpaper to be a showstopper, decide on a color that blends seamlessly with the furnishings. A neutral color is often the safest choice. I went with a range called Novamur Ivy which is a beautiful play on cherry blossoms.

If the rest of the interiors is quite ornate, then settle for a plain textured wallpaper in pastel colors. The choices are impressive across a wide price range in Nilaya like the mint green below. This can also be paired with foliage below for one wall.

#3 Some patterns never go out of style

Some patterns like strips and brick patterns never go out of style. They look good now and they will look good even after 10 years. If you are the one to play by the rules, then opt for something like the ones below.

#4 For that retro look

Doesn’t this image scream bachelor pad with its casual vibe and vintage decor elements? To appease the traveler in you, opt for this wallpaper. The Novamur and Theory range of wallpapers from Nilaya have fabulous choices.

#5 Buying Tip

You can buy these wallpapers either from the Asian Paints website or go to a color idea store which is housed in a dealer’s store. The dealers regularly offer discounts in addition to the offers from Asian Paints. During the lean season (which is typically after the peak festive season of Diwali), you get offers like buy 1 get 1 free (or buy 2 get 1 free) for selective rolls. Or a 40-50% offer on old stock – you can get a steal on the high-end one like Sabyasachi.

Ask the dealer for stock that they have with them.

If there are no offers running, they typically waive off installation charges.

FAQs on Wallpaper Application

How do you apply Asian Paints Wallpaper?

Asian Paints dealers usually send trained contractors for installation of the wallpaper. The installation charges are usually calculated per roll as far as I have experience.

This is the wall covering adhesive/glue from Nilaya that they use to apply on the back of the wallpaper. It is available in most paint shops. Measure it, apply to the back of the wallpaper and place it vertically removing any air bubbles as you go along. Seems simple when they do it but I bet it requires skill.

The guideline is one liter of wall covering adhesive for 2 rolls.

Which brand of wallpaper is best in India?

There are several reputed brands like Marshalls, India Circus, D’Decor etc. The one I have used at home is from Nilaya and the others I’m not sure – they are over 7 years old. You get customized ones too like Metamorph.

Are all surfaces good to apply wallpaper?

A clean, blemish-free, smooth surface is a pre-requisite for applying wallpaper. If the wall had earlier a texture paint or another wallpaper, then it is advisable to get putty done from painter and a coat of primer.

What kind of wall is best suited for wallpaper?

Any smooth internal wall that is not exposed to direct sun or moisture is best suited for wallpaper. If you are looking at doing up all the four walls of a room, then go in for plain textured design for 3 walls and choose the patterned one for accent wall.

Royal Emulsion or Nilaya by Asian Paints – what’s my pick?

Given the wallpaper choices these days, I’m biased towards wallpaper more than paints. Sure, the color choices are endless when it comes to paint and is also easy on the pocket. But, the sophistication of wallpaper and long life (sometimes over 8-10 years) if well maintained is unparalleled.

It may be a personal choice but I tend to get bored looking at the wall colors after a while but it doesn’t happen with wallpaper if you make a good choice.

Neutral colors don’t wear out on you.

How much does wallpaper installation cost in India?

Vendors typically charge Rs. 1000 per roll. It is usually calculated on a per roll basis. Do check with your vendor for discounts that are offered from time to time.

How many square feet does one roll cover?

Typically one roll covers 50 sq. ft. They also account for 10% wastage. So if your area is 40 sq. ft then one roll should suffice. However, if it is 46 sq. ft then you may need an additional roll.

Wallpapers are a great alternative if you want to cover an ugly wall in a rental. For other options, check this article for cheaper ways.


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