Recycling Old Books to make Book Shelves

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Do you have a dozen novels from your before-marriage days ? When you’re single, that’s one loyal companion for the weekend – John Grisham, Robin Cook, Ayn Rand and the like. Oh, and what did you do to those large hardbound ones from college – you know the ones they call ‘textbooks ‘? My engineering books didn’t come any cheap; I remember spending at least two thousand rupees every semester, only to sell them to a raddiwala for a hundred bucks a few months later. The syllabus changed soon after so it wasn’t of any use to the juniors.

Well, if you have any of those antique dictionaries or encyclopedia volumes, here’s a novel idea. Turn them into book shelves.

Book Shelf from Old Books
Book Shelf from Old Books

Not a very easy DIY project but one that’s worth attempting. If you have a lot of paperback novels, then take a look at this on how to turn them into vases.

Vase from Old Books
Vase from Old Books

Image Courtesy :
1. Shelf – thisintothat
2. Vase – Deezen



  1. hey but how does one turn the books into a rack? pliss to give more instructions. it looks awesome! great job with this blog

  2. laksh


    I believe it is more like this. The difference is books are cut at an angle and then fitted with the ‘L’ angle in the picture I’ve posted. Not a very easy DIY project.

    And here’s another one from the site you love.

  3. Ooooh! I can’t bring myself to cut my books, even if it is a boring textbook! But then, that’s what the raddiwaalah does, ain’t it? :D
    I went through the thisintothat site and boy! Was it amazing! :)
    You must be having a great deal of fun going through all these lovely things, and trying some of them out too! :)
    My newspaper basket is still pending! Sigh!

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