All pests are not bad. Some are good. In this post, I discuss some of the pests you’ll commonly find in yoru vegetable garden.


Ants are the root cuase for many of the pests found in the garden. Aphids, in particular.

How to control: Turmeric, 1/2 tsp in one litre water, strain in cloth and pray or sprinkle dry turmeric on soil and plant. The reason to strain in cloth is so that it will flow through the sprayer freely. Else the turmeric particles get stuck in the nozzle obstructing its free flow.

Root pests

Root grubs are one kind of root pests.
How to control: Physically remove them from the soil and drown them.

Virus, bacteria and fungus attacks

How to control: take preventive measures like adding good composts also use liquid manures. If there is a disease take out your plant from the root and either burn it or dispose it in the garbage.

Borers: stem borers, leaf borers like leaf minor

How to control: Use melisac by Osolin researcg for a wide range of insects.

Defoliators / leaf eaters

Caterpillars are one of defoliators that are found often in lemon tree, oleandar plant.
How to control: spray neem oil or cow urine.

Sucking pests / sap feeders: aphids, white flies, flea beetles, mealybugs, jassids

These are the most common kind of insects you find sticking to the stems of all kinds of plants like tomato, chillies, and hibiscus. They are stubborn and keep returning no more what. When the infestation becomes huge, there is no way to control and you will have to break the stem or get rid of the plant altogether. They occur mostly due to over watering or watering late in the evenings. These are often found where there are ants.
How to control: Sour curd spray, organic soap solution. You will have to spary it continuously until you don’t see them anymore. Spraying it once will not be effective.

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