Akshanksh holds details, design as per the user and proportion as per the space.” – Ankit Sojitra. The design of this beautiful bungalow on a modest plot defies its humble footprint. Christened Akshanksh, it literally means that the sun looks alike while rising and setting; similarly great men too remain alike in both good times and bad times.

The meaning is to signify that the elevation has a never ending charm, a boldness of cherry red lights the whole elevation, just like sun which lights up the whole sky.

About the project:

Location:  Surat, Gujarat, India

Area: 1440 Sq.Ft (30’ x 48’)

Type: Independent house

Project Name: Akshanksh

Principals: Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra

Photo credits: Noaidwin Studio | Nilkanth Bharucha

The architects faced a significant challenge due to the limited plot size. They wanted to introduce unique design elements, but the constraint prevented them from using loops in their elevation. Instead, they turned to arch windows – an ancient design element originated by the Romans – and incorporated bold textures and colours to modernize the feature.

Their design philosophy for the house was a fusion of contemporary style and traditional Indian elements. One particular element that they chose to emphasize was the circle, a favourite of the late Mr. Bhattacharya, a renowned architect. They recognized the circle’s ability to create a more wholesome and visually appealing design by removing sharpness from the space. Accordingly, they deliberately used circles in each bedroom according to the user’s preferences and their own style.

Akshanksh is a perfect blend of contemporary and Indian styles, reflected both in its exterior and interior. The breathtaking facade boldly breaks the stereotype of flat elevations and straight windows. Despite the plot size limitation, the architects refused to compromise on their vision and created a shape that would make the building stand out.

As Ellen Lupton once said, “Think more, design less.”

In their case, thinking more allowed them to create a design that not only reflects its beauty but also has a profound impact on the users’ minds. They believe that minimalism is the future, but a design that catches the eye is equally crucial. Hence, they made the bold choice of incorporating the scarlet beauty into their design, creating a building that demands attention and admiration.

Minor details such as creating offsets to the arch and transforming it into an alcove not only enhance the window’s appearance but also allow for an incredible flow of natural light in the room. A well-designed house should have a consistent theme throughout, and our focus is to create a cohesive design.

Every element of the exterior staircase and skylight to the smallest details is in perfect harmony with the fusion style. The main door is an extension of the interior screening, which provides privacy while maintaining transparency. Each jail module has a perforated metal sheet with small circular cutouts and a thin metal plate to bind the edge. We finished the metal jaali with a candlelight peach color of PVD coating to match the scarlet elevation.

Moving on to the family room, we kept the walls plain to highlight the composition of the TV unit and sofa. The TV unit also serves as a thick support for the cantilever staircase in the back.

The most intriguing aspect of the house is the full-height space that houses the dining table and pooja. Despite the compact plot size, the architects managed to create four bedrooms along with a double-height space and an open terrace. The advantages of the double-height space delighted the client as it allowed for smooth conversations with family members throughout the house, better ventilation, and direct sunlight and air circulation from the kitchen.

Imagine having breakfast under the morning sun - a delightful experience, isn't it?

First Floor: Master Bedroom + Bathroom

Moving on to the first floor, we have the parent’s bedroom which adds the perfect finishing touch to this level. As you climb up the stairs, you’ll find two more bedrooms – the front master bedroom and the kids’ bedroom. With the master bedroom, our goal was to seamlessly blend the interior with the exterior. Instead of using tiles and natural stone for cladding, we opted for a more textured and color-rich approach. The result is a bright and inviting room that’s full of character.

One of the key design elements is the patchy texture covering the exact mirror of the window wall. This texture, combined with the boldness of black granite shaped in an offset of an arch, creates a striking and unique visual effect that’s both elegant and modern.
Our design philosophy prioritized drawing the eye towards the back of the room, with the bed serving as a complement rather than the main focus. Instead of focusing solely on luxury, we aimed to create a design that speaks for itself through its attention to detail. As a result, we opted for a wooden bed frame, side unit, and other upholstery, all carefully chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

The attached toilet boasts a stunning shade of grey that promotes a sense of calm during the first task of the day. We knew that the restrooms wouldn’t be complete without adding a unique shape to the space, so we chose a broken yet curvaceous mirror design to enhance the overall ambiance. The end result is a space that’s both functional and visually appealing, providing a peaceful and refreshing experience every time.

First Floor: Kids Bedroom

Moving on to the kid’s bedroom, we have the classic childhood game of Lego on display. It was a favourite among kids and parents alike, and we aimed to bring back those fond memories for our teenage clients. However, we also had to ensure that the room didn’t come across as too childish, as our client wanted to avoid any future complaints. To achieve this, we opted for a tonal combination of beige and the subtle yet refreshing green mint, breaking away from the typical Lego-themed color scheme.

The study table was also given due consideration in the design process. For the kids’ restroom, we chose flaky terrazzo chips to create a youthful and fun ambiance while maintaining a certain level of sophistication.

The top floor comprises a bedroom and a half-open terrace. The final bedroom follows a modular design, similar to the other spaces. Each module is demarcated by a thin border and filled with fluted, beige-coloured matte glass, creating a unified and stylish cube-like appearance.

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