Agadhitva was created as a showhouse with a spacious 4 BHK layout in Surat by Studio 17. Today, showhouses serve as a place for potential buyers to explore different options before making a final decision on their new home. They provide a dummy home that inspires audiences and fulfils their imaginations, but this presented a handful of challenges for the Agadhitva project team to ensure they met everyone’s expectations.


Project Brief

Project Name: Agadhitva
Principal Designer: Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra
Area: 1950 Sq.Ft
Location: Surat, Gujarat, India
Photo Credit: Inclined Studio

The client’s requirements for the project were minimal, with a focus on creating a show home that exudes warmth and feels like a place where a family could truly live. The brief was simple, with a focus on incorporating the essence of a home into the design of the house.

A room should never allow the eye in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya

The name Agadhitva, which means the innermost depth in Sanskrit, reflects the fusion of abstracted “Nature’s art” with its profoundness that the project brings to the table. The layout of the show house fulfils all aspects and starts by fulfilling the probation.

Floor Plan of the House

It all began with a small 4 BHK show house, but today, clients demands are more than just fulfilling requirements and offering comfort. They want trendiness, luxury, and a statement-making design. Designing a sample house comes with its own set of challenges since it’s not designed for a specific family but for numerous families who visit it and imagine themselves living there.

As designers, our daily task is to delve into the details and bring the depth out of materials, enhancing the overall design and creating a lasting impression on visitors.

Main Door

As we step into the premises, the intriguing details immediately catch our attention. The patterned façade of the door immerses us in the experience, and we’re greeted by a warm foyer that showcases beautiful combinations of materials such as veneer, copper, and laminates. A mesmerizing pedestal display adds to the charm, emphasizing the latter part of the space.

As we enter the premises, the interesting details begin with an immersive patterned façade on the door. The foyer exudes a gentle wave of warmth, and the eye is drawn to the beautiful combinations of materials used in the design, such as veneer, copper, and laminates, along with an entrancing pedestal display.

Living Room

Moving into the living area, our focus is drawn towards a fascinating wall terracotta display, inspired by the stem of a sapling and the earthy tones of nature. The TV cabinet follows the rhythm of the foyer, with a textured tile overlay that features compelling copper plates arranged in an undesignated pattern. The pattern flows seamlessly around the common area, creating a captivating contrast.

The TV cabinet follows the same rhythm as the foyer, with a contrasting character that features a textured tile overlay and compelling use of copper plates in an undesignated pattern. This design element flows seamlessly throughout the common area, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

“There is nothing more exciting than incorporating bold, vibrant colors with a striking mix of genres and periods to create lively, magical spaces that inhabit memories and enrich lives”
-Jamie Drake


As we enter the bedroom, we’re greeted with an intricate display of nature-inspired forms and shapes. For example, the structure of a coconut is interpreted and represented in various details, adding depth to the design. Terrazzo tiles adorn the walls of the bedroom and washroom, while the warmth of the textured veneer tones creates a refreshing and refined illusion that caters to daily storage needs.

Copper is used throughout the bedroom for its unique properties. Its lustre provides a striking contrast that illuminates the entire environment, creating a sense of cohesiveness and harmony.


The sole use of copper is due to its unique properties as a metal. Its luster provides an illuminating source for the entire environment. The exciting engagement of this metal remains a key ingredient in the recipe for creating an exceptional show house space.

There is nothing more exciting than incorporating bold, vibrant colors with a striking mix of genres and periods to create lively, magical spaces that inhabit memories and enrich lives”
-Jamie Drake

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