I read this somewhere: Germans need the Greeks because they have this zest for life that makes the Germans happy.  It doesn’t matter if Madame Merkel reluctantly says Ja or Nein to fund troubled Europe.  Sometimes it is also about knowing how to spend the money. And who knows it better than the Greeks, even if it’s borrowed money.

With PIIGS, eurozone and austerity hogging the limelight this week, I thought it befitting to take a sneak peek into a simple hotel in Mykonos, Greece built by two small town Germans. What caught my eye was its simplicity, the story of its owners, their dreams and the happiness that shines through their smiles as they do what they love to do.  There is no sign of opulence; the decor is so rustic that it perfectly blends with the natural elements.

What is luxury to you? Couldn’t have been said better:

“What is luxury? Luxury for me is to say, okay, I’m doing what I really want to do.”
Thomas Heyne

I’m yet to meet someone who is not turned on by the sea and sand. In Heyne’s words, “It’s open air, the stars. Go five steps and you’re standing in sand. Everybody comes here on holiday—they’re in a good mood.”

Decor tip: all you need to enhance the look of your bedroom is a unpolished wooden mirror, bright rug,  wooden stools, cushions and throws complementing the covers.

Here’s hoping the Europe mess gets sorted out soon (and looks like for now it is). Have a great weekend.

Image courtesy: Made by originals via Rosa’s Inspiration

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