Wouldn’t it be a nice to live in a house designed to use all forms of energy (heat, water, light) in a optimal way? Ironically, nature’s free resources are the ones becoming scarce soon. Water is a precious commodity in Bangalore, not only during summer, but through out the year. Where else do you see tankers hog half the roads all day?

A few months back, we dropped by at the Zed Earth property on the outskirts of Bangalore, and all of us instantly fell in love with it. I happened to see the pictures again and wanted to share.  Zed Earth is developed by BCIL who are well known for their eco-friendly homes.  The model villa is so aesthetically designed that it is brimming with ideas to enhance storage and functionality. What I loved about the interiors was it was neither contemporary nor modern  but adopted the best of both the worlds.

I will tell you the truth: what appealed the most in this house even before we entered were a dozen pots with healthy vegetables: brinjal was in the flowering stage and yet another had a bunch of okra. You don’t see them here..maybe these pictures were staged for the shoot.

The furniture in the entire house is to die for. I was told all the furniture you see here is designed in house using wood grown in their plantation.  Swing in the living, skylight, flood of natural light, high ceiling, stone-paved courtyard, open kitchen, wall-less living dining, and simple furniture – all the elements I would want in a home some day :) Let’s not talk about the price. It’s quite steep.

Image courtesy: ZED



  1. hi, do you have any feedback on Zed Homes. we are planning to buy one of these. It is a huge investment, so we want to be really sure about this project :-)


  2. Is it dressyourhome who has done the interiors? Its fantastic. Can I get contact details ?

  3. laksh

    No Roshni. My understanding was it was executed by the inhouse team at Zed Earth.

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