I know you are thinking I’m crazy after reading the title of this post; wondering how on earth can a piece of unfinished, unpolished wood be sexy? Well, see the pictures below and then decide for yourself.

Our eyes are so trained to look for the perfect, glossy finish when it comes to furniture. Matte is so not acceptable. With a deluge of cheap MDF, easy-assemble furniture occupying the floor space of malls, it’s tough to look beyond.  But, don’t the chest of drawers, or the headboard, or the bedside table with random brushes of color in this picture perfectly complement the bed? Isn’t it amazing how nothing looks out of place.

So, if you’ve been thinking of discarding that old bench, chair or stool because they’ve seen better times, think again. You can refurbish and add to the glam quotient with random splashes of paint, or still better, leave it as is in an otherwise perfectly decked up room.

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Image courtesy: Black Rice Interiors

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