It’s Friday already but I don’t want this week to end. It was a memorable week for me on many fronts.   So, I’m thinking why not bring in the weekend on a happier note.  You all know what it is, don’t you? Yes, plants, flowers and a terrace garden.

Today, Gunjan invites us to her terrace garden in Pune. Foliage, shrubs, exotic flowering plants – you name it and there’s a representation of every kind.  With weather on her side for most part of the year, Gunjan decided to make the most of her good terrace space overlooking the dining, when the family moved into their new home a year back.

Notice the wall art…stop by her blog for the story to see how creepers and birds have taken over her wall. I think the bamboo planter is cute.

Colorful coleus with the dining in the backdrop

Ixora in full bloom. This one comes in various colors but needs a good amount of sunlight to bloom.  From experience I can tell you, a lot of care goes into tending flowering plants. The blooms look lovely but it’s hard work. Gunjan proudly says, “We do it ourselves- be it watering, re-potting, pruning, feeding them with manure and easing up the soil everything. It is fun! Although, there are times when I feel I should get professional help and get my terrace a more manicured look- the kinds they show in tv shows/magazines where all you have to do is sit back and sip coffee. But then, I won’t be as proud of or as involved in my plants as I am right now. I think plants are amazing things to live with, they take care of themselves with minimal maintenance. Plus, doing your own garden is even more fun when you have a husband who also is aesthetically inclined. We did up our plant shelves ourselves. Went to the scrap bazaar, bought a dozen wooden planks, primed and painted them and simply got slotted angles fixed on which we placed the planks that hold our plants. It cost us less than 1000 bucks and it was so much fun! Then once the rains go away, I have an annual ritual of painting the pots with geru- a reddish brown stone that dissolves in water. It gives the garden a very fresh look. “

Inspired to get your hands dirty?

Bring them in – bamboo in one of the corners of and an old bottle as a planter.

Evergreen sadafulis that make sure her terrace never looks barren. When I asked her if she has lost any plants to pests, she says, “Oh yes, I’ve lost many a plants to bugs and diseases. a lovely hibiscus and a petunia. I lost my coleus to over-watering. I am learning at every step too. Nowadays I am trying not to buy more plants although I do have a long plant wishlist. In fact, when friends asked me what I wanted for my house, I would usually name a plant or two.  Maybe when I learn more about the ones I have already have, I will go ahead and get more for myself.  

In fact, it all started with bringing over plants from Bombay. My parents, plant lovers themselves managed to tend to quite a few potted plants even in our Bombay flat where we grew up. Then one day, the society came up with a rule that did not allow pots to be kept in the window box grills. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and we found ourselves making trips to bombay on weekends and coming back loaded with potted plants.”

So, there’s a gifting idea right there for your green friends next time you go visiting – gift them a plant!

Thanks Gunjan for the lovely pictures.

Have a great weekend and see you all next week!

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