One morning my two-year old son brought a bunch of brown seeds after his morning walk. He called the round-looking seeds “flowers” and they were meant as a gift to me. Touched, I wanted to preserve the first gift I ever got from the toddler. On closer introspection, the dried seeds looked beautiful, and unlike most plants, they were too hard to wither from the branch.

Eucalyptus seeds in a glass jar
Eucalyptus seeds in a glass jar

I asked my son to take me to the place where he got those ‘flowers’. After a seed hunt trail, we returned with a handful of what turned out to be eucalyptus seeds. I put them in a glass vase and placed it atop the fridge. Later that evening in a flash of inspiration, I painted the seeds in different colors using an acrylic medium.  After letting it dry overnight, I transferred it to an empty pickle bottle filled with white and orange decorative rocks.

The jar in its final setting
The jar sitting pretty as a decor piece


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