Ever thought of gifting a plant on someone’s birthday or anniversary? But, that’s what Nurturing Green is set to accomplish – to put “plants” in every one’s minds as a great gift. Nurturing Green, the brainchild of Annu Grover, operates a fleet of 14 stores across the NCR.

How can happiness be far behind where there are plants? You guys know me…so I liked the idea that someone was promoting the idea of gifting plants.

There is a plant for every occasion – be it Diwali, friendship day, get well or a simple not of thanks. What sets them apart from your neighborhood nursery is that many of these are high quality plants that are imported such as flower Bulbs & seeds of Exotic Kitchen Garden segment. The planters range from ceramic, jute , fibre, plastic, terracotta to offer.


Image courtesy: Nurturing Green

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