How about a few words that will make you think and laugh at the same time? And take it to a new level with some simplistic yet jaw-dropping graphic illustration. Of all the stalls at Kitsch Mandi, the one that I loved the most, was Kappansky. I can’t describe what Kappansky is all about any better than its creator: “Kappansky is art, Kappansky is graphic design dipped in a delicious, heady mix of whacky humour. Kappansky is stuff in daily use draped in a creative flourish. Kappansky is mugs, posters, calendars, bundled to tickle that versatile funny bone !!”


Kappansky is a regular at flea markets and such events around the city. For more fun, hop onto Kappnsky on FB.

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First three shot at Kitsch Mandi.

Last one from Kappansky on FB

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