World Kitchen Garden day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of every August. This year it falls on 26th August, the day after. Did I tell you in my previous post that my son had been asking for Star Fruit for nearly two months now?  But, I couldn’t find it anywhere in Bangalore from the local markets to super markets like Hypercity and even the newly opened Food Mall at 1MG Road.

So, I told him to wait until summer when it would be in season again. He googled and found you get it in Kerala and made plans to goto Kerala in April. and the, all of a sudden, we found heaps of star fruits outside a temple in Hyderabad. That was undoubtedly the most exciting part of his trip. For two days, the starfruit came everywhere we went, slept beside him. Thank goodness, restroom trips were spared.  Yea, I know I’m treating it like a real person, but that’s the respect it got. Why this starfruit story? Because, I wanted to feature a green boutique this World Kitchen Garden day – one I happened to visit during Kitsch Mandi.

Green Thumbs Boutique, run by Minette Rajkumar, is based in Bangalore. If you’ve been looking for information on bonsai, organic gardening, and how to nurture your herbs and greens in the limited balcony space, then head over to Minette’s green world.

The 8-year old star fruit bonsai tree bearing fruits for the second year in a row. Looks yum and I’m sure it tastes too.

Perfect herb basket for gifting.

The viral fever is doing its rounds in my home and hope to get back on feet soon. Keeping the mood high listening to I will survive. You all have a great weekend and see you around next week.

Image courtesy: Green Thumbs Boutique


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