You thought I was done writing about Dastkar, didn’t you? I’m sorry folks, but I just can’t get over the excitement that nature bazaar happened so close to home. Yes, I made one final trip on Friday morning and back with some more pictures. So, this is one last post until next year.

Some of the stuff I saw this time was mind blowing. Like this one from Gujarat. I was in awe of the craftsmanship behind the potlis and almost bought the white one (can you spot it?). Some of the totes would be super handy for that quick trip to the grocery store.

I have a huge weakness for lanterns. And, it takes some serious amount of self control to not indulge in yourself when they come in such beautiful colors and shapes. It took some resolve to resist these.

Haven’t we heard this before? The simplest way of decluttering a room is to organize the things we truly need into baskets.

The salad bowls in this blue pottery stall was mind blowing Рthe deadly combination of yellow and blue. Some sleeky  vases and a wide array of figurines to choose from.

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