A few weeks ago, one afternoon, a little birdie flew into my inbox with an exciting message. It was a beautifully designed invite to the BBC Good Homes Bloggrs Bonding event in Bangalore and it read:

I started blogging nine years ago with a humble blogspot domain and moved onto my own domain in 2007. It has been a long journey spanning thousands of posts. Nine years and three blogs ( reflections, Li’l General Rules and dress your home) later, this was my first blogger’s meet – the first time I would be meeting other bloggers in real life. Honestly, didn’t know what to expect.

It’s been nearly a month since the event happened but it’s fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. It was a Wednesday. The weather was perfect – overcast skies with a slight drizzle in an otherwise hot and dry Bangalore monsoon.  The mood around town and in the hotel was festive – Onam was being celebrated that day. The locale was picturesque. Along the hallway leading up to  Jamavar was a long winding staircase being decked up in silken fuchsia robes for a wedding that evening. I stopped for a moment to admire the detailing and the finesse with which some deft hands draped the stairway.

11 design and food bloggers based in Bangalore met at the Jamavar, Leela Palace over lunch with Ronitaa, editor of Good Homes magazine. The event was organized by Good Homes.  Jamavar is a beautifully designed restaurant that overlooks lush greenery and manicured lawns. I was amazed to see so much peace right in the middle of one of the bustling location s of Bangalore.

The table decked up beautifully in golden hues. Pure indulgence.

Soon after, glasses were raised in toast and spoons clinked against the plates as inspiring stories went around the table of how these women made time for blogging. For some, it was a life changing experience – a change in careers in the pursuit of happiness. For others, the words and images were an expression of their creativity as they decked up their homes and marveled at others’ around which scintillating conversations happened.

Aarohi is the cynosure of all eyes. She talks passionately and narrates a story about how she decided to start The Poonchh Collection.

I can’t find the right words to describe the lady in red – Ronitaa, the editor of Good Homes. Tall,  sophisticated, cheerful-and-serious-in-the-same -breath, happy. She made easy conversation, stimulated where there was none, made people feel at home, poked fun in a good way, shared stories and laughed effortlessly. Am I missing something? Oh yes, she went around the room like a cool breeze.

As evening set in…all good things came to an end. And so did the yummy kulfi – the hero dish of the day. An afternoon well spent amidst inspiring company, good food and great locale.

Thanks ladies for the wonderful afternoon and Good Homes for bringing us together.

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Good Homes Magazine



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