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Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week. I’m back to the grind today after a 4-day vacation in Goa but refreshed and ready to go. Though the weather was not sunny, it wasn’t bad.

While going through the FB archives, I saw an update from Dastkar about their new online partner iTokri¬†and wasted no time in checking it out. Yes, another online site but pleasantly surprised as most brands are the ones that pull you like a magnet to these numerous exhibitions like Dastkar. If you can’t make it to one in person, you can shop for it online.

I’m talking of products from brands like Jugaad, Haathi Chaap and a few others from Dastkar that are hugely popular. My favorite picks from the site on first scan are:

A tarshi patchwork bag from Jugaad for Rs. 249

Unstitched fabric from Dastkar at Rs.280 for 2 meters

Juda pin from People Tree for Rs.150

Jumbo notepad from Sukriti for Rs.250. So, want to check it out and share your favorites?

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  1. I think i am addict to thsi site.

    Thanks for sharing such a helpful tips.

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