How are you doing this morning? Feeling happy? Great. If you are feeling grumpy, don’t worry. Just go on, take a few minutes off, leave your grumpiness aside to pick up later and read this post.

Before I begin, I want to ask you, are you good at sketching and free-hand drawing? Yes ? Well, then you have my profound admiration. No? Great, I’m glad I found another partner (my best effort only went this far). I can neither draw nor get my curves right ever on paper. So, drawing on the wall is a far fetched dream.

But, you know what, I found a brilliant idea for folks like us during my recent vacation to Goa. In the club house of the resort where we stayed, there was this colorful pattern all over the walls. On closer look, it appeared easy to replicate. I know we’ll know the outcome only after we try but at least on the face of it, it didn’t look intimidating.

My best guess is there are three things you’ll need for this: ¬†idea of what you want on the wall, colors and fingers. Can’t get easier than that!

The flowers resemble a smudged look made by fingers in an assortment of colors.

This kind of pattern will look best on any outdoor wall.

Ready to give it a shot this weekend?

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