Friday Shopping : Sweet Little Somethings Under Rs. 300

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Money CAN buy you happiness — if you spend it the right way. Buy many small pleasures instead of a handful of large ones. Buy more experiences and fewer things. Material goods depreciate. The day after you buy something, it’s probably worth less than you paid for it. Experiences, on the other hand, appreciate. Beware of comparison shopping. If you’ve read The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz, you know that people tend to be happier with fewer options.

These few pearls of wisdom are from this article on happiness and money. Ever since I read it, it has had a profound impact on me and the way I buy things. Decluttering the house two years back freed up in more ways that we’d imagined. Giving away things which were no longer in use like hundreds of cassettes, CDs, tons of utensils, to name a few cleared not only the space in the house but the cobwebs of mind too.  In the process, I found that shopping online helps in this as you are looking specifically for something you need.

This series focuses on the “Buy many small pleasures” part of it.

1. Rs. 239 Assorted set of 9 scented candles from My Aroma World

2. Channapatna toy from Dastkar for Rs.259 –  iTokri. Good for a gift.

3. Ladies Wallet for Rs.224 – iTokri

4. Walnut Scrub from Prakriti Herbals for Rs.120 on  Shopo

5. Wooden photo blocks from The Curiosity Corner for Rs.230 – Wooden Photo Blocks on Shopo

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  1. Its a nice blog.
    Share some stores that you know in pune

  2. laksh

    Hi Ruchika: Sorry, based in Bangalore so stores in Pune is gonna a tough deal. Maybe some Pune readers can pitch in here :)

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