I can’t get over these two pictures and I’m sure you’ll agree with me:

Question : Ikea-like Wooden Baskets for Storage in India?
Stacked wooden baskets
Under bed storage
Under-bed storage

I first spotted the open shelving for wooden boxes on Apartment Therapy two months back; and it’s remain etched in my memory ever since. I forgot to bookmark the link and believe it or not, I hunted for this post for three days. No exaggeration! That should explain why there was no post on Friday.

Most cities in India, except the ones in the South, have zero to minimal wood work done in homes. When I moved from Bangalore to Pune, from a fully-furnished apartment to a house with just walls, it was a harrowing experience. We lived out of boxes and eventually invested in two steel almirahs (what an eye sore!) and a wooden cupboard. The house was far from being elegant and remained a cluttered mess.

I look at these pictures and wonder what an inspiration it could have been. Wooden baskets are comparatively a cheaper way to add storage space for people on the move. Easy to maintain, move around, and stack with an open shelving system. Don’t these baskets also make for neat under bed storage?

Would any of you know where to get such square baskets in India?

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  1. Heyyy :) Me coming here after ages! Been busy! :)

    I love the second pic! What elegance! :)
    Btw – are these wooden baskets? They look like wicker baskets to me. Or are the two the same? Please enlighten the ignorant! :)

  2. laksh

    Welcome back, Anitha!

    This space missed your presence.

    You are absolutely right – these are wicker baskets. But most wicker baskets are made up of bamboo or plant fiber. I used ‘wood’ loosely as many woven baskets are made from different types of wood. Sample this – http://www.nextag.com/storage-basket/shop-html.

  3. Hey Laksh! Lovely blog and brilliant ideas. I stay in a rented place and I hate the transient feeling you talk about! :(

    Nice storage space with those cane baskets in the shelf. That way one can avoid dust getting settled on the shelves too. :)

    Btw, I stay in Pune too… Aundh.. and you?

  4. laksh

    Thanks a lot, G. I moved to Bangalore a year ago :(

  5. These baskets are available in Home Centre – Lifestyle. They have a white cloth lining too. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi, was just reading this post and feeling good that you are from Pune and moved to Pune from Bangalore. I also moved to Pune from Bangalore. But it seems u went back to Bangalore again.. bengaluru :)

    Yes these storage boxes are available in lifestyle and they look very good.

  7. Laksh, you speak my mind! and hey, I am in Pune too…small world!

    That tip from Chaitra helped:)


  8. laksh

    I moved from Pune to Bangalore lat year, Sharon. But, who knows? I might be back there! I’m waiting to pick up the baskets myself. Would be very handy in Pune.

  9. Hey Laksha,

    Did you get those baskets?


  10. laksh

    Not yet, Sonal. I’m looking for a cheaper one that is weaved well and available on the road side.

  11. did you try “mother earth” store in bangalore.. one is near domlur flyover on the inner ring road.

  12. laksh

    Archana : a visit to this store is long pending :(

  13. If you are looking for baskets which look similar to the one in that picture, you can get them cheaper from any of the cane furniture makers – they are most of the times made out of cane – some of them call it wicker or rattan too!
    You can find these shops in Adugodi near Forum or even near Infantry road/Shivaji Nagar!
    If you are looking to save money then don’t ever cross Home Center or the likes! You can get tailor made cane baskets – fancy/simple – the way you want from these guys! Well you need to bargain too!

  14. I love… those baskets. I wonder if I can get those in hyderabad !!

  15. Namitha Saneesh

    I was abt 2 ask dat qstn………. whether dis wicker baskets r available in hyderabad…

  16. I’ve been hunting for rectangular baskets too. The ones in stores are priced too high. I think its possible to get it custom made from the cane weavers at Shivajinagar like someone else has mentioned here. But quite a task! :)

  17. laksh

    Renu: I actually checked at Shivaji Nagar too and it wasn’t very cheap. In hindsight, the colorful ones at Dastkar exhibition were probably a little less expensive. But I like the plain ones.

    You may want t check out Home Town. I remember they stocked some cool organizers from The Container Store (US) which will work well too.

  18. aakanksha

    Not exactly these but similar and many more styles as in …different shapes n sizes are available in the stores that keep cane n wicker furnitures. Also on & off u can find them in fairs which presents artisans from all over…

  19. Vandana Venkat

    I recently came across something similar in Hypercity (ITPL Main Road)…they’re actually not wooden, but plastic with a wooden finish.

  20. laksh

    Yep…you are right. Compared to 3 years ago, availability of organizers and baskets has increased multifold in stores and online.

  21. I am on the hunt for large and deep rectangular or square baskets like the ones in photo. I am in Pune too. Where can I find them at a good price?

  22. Dear people, owing to its tribal / country origin, cane furniture is available almost in every city! Just make some effort to drive around a bit. There are different types of weaves available for both storage or furniture ideas, in wicker, willow or cane. One just needs to go check with these makers. Be clear about your requirements and perhaps give them your own drawing on a sheet of paper as you speak with them. There’s nothing like a made to order article. For the more enthusiastic one, there are online courses available for basket weaving and its not that difficult to procure some cane/wicker to get started as an amateur! ;-)

  23. Also, for the ones in Pune, plz make a visit to the ‘Pune-Mandai’, there are few weavers there at the back side..but those might not be very refined. Do take a look towards MG Road, somewhere near ‘Fashion Street’…if this fashion street is to your left, that lane would be to your right. I picked a big one, round shaped, quite tall, fine wicker weaved for a mere 450 bucks! That was a steal…as never found a beautiful basket like that one, anywhere else, not even in bangalore :-( Could’ve pasted a picture here, couldn’t find an option..

  24. That's what. And they're pretty sturdy too, travelled from Pune to Bglre without a slack! I'd sure look for more whenever there again…

  25. Hi Lakshmi,

    Did you get the storage baskets customized? Do these cane furniture guys on the roadside do a good job? I'm also looking for a specific size and the off the rack ones don't fit into my dimensions. Also, I'm not looking at spending too much :-) Any pointers would be helpful.


  26. laksh

    Uma: I didn't buy any or get them made. You can try the roadside ones or the ones in Shivaji Nagar.

  27. Thanks, Lakshmi. I think I'm close to something that fits into my line of thinking. Let's see.. :-)

  28. Vandana Venkat – could you give me some more details please? I live in Chennai and bought some very nice laundry baskets – plastic-frame with a cloth cover and a hinged padded lid from Lifestyle about 7-8 years ago. Can’t find them anymore though

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