I love winter in Bangalore. From October through April, my south facing balcony gets a good amount of sunlight that does a world of good for my plants. Flowering plants like petunia, glaxonia do well this time of the year. Bougainvilleas of all colors have been blooming in my apartment garden.

We had a sprawling passion flower creeper at the entrance and every morning when I dropped by son to school, we would stop by for a few minutes to smell and admire the blooms. Most would be in the bud stage but by afternoon, they would all be in full bloom. The plant strangely dried during the last fortnight and was completely cut off yesterday afternoon. It was sad to see it go.

Coming back to bougainvillea, it is a hardy plant that requires minimal watering during the monsoon/winter months. Place it where it gets a good amount of sunlight and see it bloom. It is a wonderful transformation from just a thorny green to a flowering beauty. Natti writes about his experience with bougainvilleas.

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