Review: Novotel Dona Sylvia Beach Resort, Goa

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This is a review of our 4-day stay in Novotel Dona Sylvia Beach Resort in Goa. What do you do when you want complete peace, a secluded place and some time off from humanity? Head off on a vacation to a beach that is off-limits. I’m thinking South Goa. This post is a picture story of our recent 4-day trip to Dona Sylvia, Goa as it unfolded – hotel, beach, sight seeing and time to pack up. ┬áSo I’m going to be doing little talking.

Review: Novotel Dona Sylvia Beach Resort, Goa

My son loved the water sports at Jack’s – he went on a ringo ride, banana boat ride and jet ski.

Novotel Goa - one of the best places to stay in Goa.

Novotel Dona Sylvia - one of the best beach resorts in Goa for family.

I was shocked to see hundreds of star fishes on the beach. It was amazing to see the washed over ones dug themselves in the sand to stay alive. Not just star fishes, there were mollusca, jelly fishes, and crabs too.

Novotel Goa - one of the best beach resorts in Goa for family.

Our cottage with a view of the sea.

I think the highlights of our trip was that 3-hour, 100 Km ride (of course, it was exhausting but worth every bit) on a scooty from Cavellosim in south Goa to Panjim. The next day we went again in a a/c coach. But, the experience was miles apart. No confined a/c bus will ever offer you the same views as a two-wheeler can. The weather was perfect – we weren’t sure which moment it would start raining. Asking for directions along the way, soaking in the sights of century old buildings, colorful villas, and narrow lanes wide enough for just one bus to pass through (but imagine, two buses in that almost brushing each other).

Places to visit in Goa.

The Bombay Store is housed in a charming old building.


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