Good morning! I’m back with the second edition of Shopping Friday and some events happening in the city this weekend.

Navaratri is almost here and Diwali is just a month way. So, I’m thinking why leave the festive shopping till the end :) A few favorite picks of mine this week.

1. Panchathantra elephant notebook for Rs.500 from 61c. Their notepads were my rescue force for the CFA Level 2 exam. All he last minute formulae and concepts went in neatly there.

2. Twisty pads from 61c at Rs.270. Check out their Panchatantra Diwali playing card collection as well (it’s awesome!)

3. Lantern from Forty Red Bangles at Rs.450

4. Chocolate vase from afday – Rs.270

5. Set of 3 planters from Green Essence – Rs.490

Weekend events:

Forty Red Bangles is holding a exhibition of their festive collection at Raintree in Bangalore on Sunday, 14 October



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