It’s 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night and definitely not the time for writing a post when I should be curling up in the couch to watch a movie. But, I’m super excited and got away for a few minutes to do his quick post. We were out the whole day today having loads of fun and when we got back home, my sweet neighbour handed me this cute little package that had come in while we were out.

Of course, I knew what was in there but was still excited. But, who doesn’t like  a gift and if it’s something to eat, all the more nicer! They were the nuts from Feines Zeug that made me go totally nuts. Cashewnuts, hazelnuts, banana chips, walnuts and a few others – in all shapes and sizes, and in all flavors and colors. In short, today was a day when caring for calories went out the door.  A treat not only to the taste buds but to eyes too.

This was a giveaway on Liz&Jewels fabulous blog. If you haven’t been following their cook-offs, you should.  One reason why I look forward to is because their recipes are so simple, made from easy ingredients that you get all over. There are no exotic ingredients like squid ink or caviar eggs. Thanks Liz & Jewels and Feines Zeug.

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