Hello everyone! How was your weekend? It was quite a wet one in Bangalore but that doesn’t stop us from going out and having fun, does it? I went to Chitrakala Parishath on Saturday just in time as the week long exhibition was getting over on Sunday. I think I’ve written before how much I like the exhibitions that happen at this venue – something that’s amiss at Dastkar despite the hype. The crowd is quite different, down to earth, casual and it has a more close-knit feeling because of the relatively smaller space. I feel totally at home and don’t mind the distance.

The exhibition also saw an overwhelming number of the regular stalls – cotton kurtas and kurtis, blue pottery, terracotta urlis, colorful bangles & trinklets, black pottery, and handmade soaps.

The tanjore paintings stall at the beginning was the show stopper for me. There were two other Tanjore painting stalls inside but on closer inspection they didn’t have the finish that this one sported.


I was also amazed to see the number of buddhas on display in all kinds of materials. For those of you who’ve been looking for old railway clocks, there were plenty here.

Do you also  admire the statues of sleeping Ganesha? It truly signifies peace for me. These figurines are typically priced between Rs.4,000 to Rs.4,500. However, from experience, I can tell you that you have to be careful about what you buy. Most of them are made from Neem wood and if not treated properly you will soon find them infested with wood borers that are difficult to get rid of.

This one was a surprise – antique tiffin boxes, bells, urlis, boxes, jaadis (jugs).

Perfect to float flowers and candles this diwali.

All images taken by me at the venue.


  1. It always such a pleasure to visit such exhibitions..sometimes there are some really prized creations that one can pick up. It is amazing at the diversity and the beauty we have in India. Thks for the nice peek.

  2. Loved this post!! The last time I visited Bangalore, I had attended a similar sale near Ashoka Pillar. Even they had these antique brass utensils. But they lacked this kind of variety. Hope I get to visit this sale during my next visit :)

  3. cud i hv the contact of the person selling the tanjore paintings,,pls..thanks

  4. laksh

    Hi Smita: I don’t have the contact details. Maybe you can contact Manya Art & Kraft association, who organized the event. I’m sure they would have the details.

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